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Now, if you’re into the world of auto detailing, you’ll certainly have come across Si02 – that’s silicon dioxide or ceramic coating. It’s the number one way to give your paintwork a stunning shine; that candy apple shine that you see in the movies. Often called “liquid glass”, silicon dioxide is a natural compound of oxidized silicon, otherwise known as silica. And when liquid Si02 cures and sets on your paintwork, it takes on a lot of the properties of glass, too. Firstly, that “candy apple” shine we talk about in the detailing industry. But that’s not all; it also hardens to form a protective film on the surface to which it has adhered. The other aspect of silicon dioxide is that it’s hydrophobic. Let’s break that down. Hydro – water. Phobic – afraid. This means that water just slides right off it. You get that wet look that you see in the movies.

Now, with ceramics, once your car is clean and dry, you start with a prep spray, then apply the final SiO2 coating. So, we’ve put together a fantastic kit that provides you with all the products you need to take the ceramic journey from start to finish – and the accessories that go with those products. Check it out!

Prep Spray – 1x Bottle

Start with our Prep Spray. Use this to help you to put on a pristine, uniform protective coat by removing all old polish, wax, and sealant from the surface of your car. Often, these spent leftovers can clog up the pores of your surface, which reduces the effectiveness of a new ceramic coat. In addition, small amounts of old polish or sealant can hide imperfections in your paintwork, such as small scratches or swirls which need addressing in order to get the maximum amount of protection. Proje’ Prep Spray ensures that everything is removed, so you can start again from zero.

Ceramic Spray Coating – 1 x Bottle

Ceramic Spray Coating is a premium, real-deal product at a consumer level that gives the surface of your vehicle an incredible candy apple shine in just 1-2 minutes. Its ultra-hydrophobic properties not only produce incredible water beading but also makes your car super easy to clean, saving you time and money in the long run. In less than the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee, our ceramic spray coating will have fully cured on your car and you’ll be able to wipe away, knowing you’re protected. Stronger and slicker than any other sealant on the auto detailing market today, Ceramic Spray Coating will protect your surfaces from oxidation, pollen, water spots and more. It’s a game changer in the consumer market, and it’s unbelievable easy to use.

Quick Coat – 1 x Bottle

If you’re in a rush, you might not have time to go through the whole ceramics process. But don’t worry - our SiO2 quick coat is a long-lasting, tough product designed to give you three benefits in one – clean, shine and protect. We have spent hours in the Proje’ lab designing the most scientific of our products yet; a blend of cleaning agents, natural soap and protective SiO2 coating that leaves your surfaces immaculately clean, gleaming and shielded from harmful contaminants. The main advantage of a 3-in-1 product like SiO2 quick spray, is that it does all three of these processes simultaneously. As it cleans, it also shines and protects. There is no time in between for any dust or dirt to come into contact with your surfaces. That’s what you call efficiency – and that’s what makes SiO2 quick spray the best ceramic waterless wash on the market today.


And the Accessories…

Of course, every detailing product needs the right kit to get the best results. With ceramics, it’s about two things – a good applicator and some quality microfiber towels. Well, we’ve got you covered…

The Blue Applicator Pad works great for general cleaning, applying coatings, conditioners, waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings and more. It has been specifically designed to fit perfectly in your hand and ensures that you will never introduce swirls or scratches to paintwork or interior surfaces when used correctly. Better yet, the Blue Applicator Pad is 100% machine washable.

  • 6 x Super Soft Edgeless Tagless Microfiber Towels 16x16 Rated at a premium 480 GSM, making it the softest towel that Proje' offers. Ideal for wax and sealant residue removal, waterless washing and even traditional drying methods. The high GSM rating ensures that you will never introduce swirls or scratches to the paintwork when used correctly.

You put those products and accessories together and it’d normally set you back $167.85. But we’ve got an amazing deal for you at the moment – this Premium Kit for the amazing price of $66.95! Head on over to the Kits section of our site to get your hands on yours – the offer won’t stay on forever!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s blog – stay tuned for more tips and tricks next week. We’re going to feature more of our kits each month too, so keep an eye out for more great all-in-one deals and some incredible discounts!

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