Welcome back to the Proje’ blog. Now summer is in full swing, everyone is out and about catching some rays. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be cruising around in your car during the summer either, as long as you’re careful. Extreme heat is one of the most common ways in which cars get damaged, but with a bit of knowhow – and not as much time as you might think – you can venture out in your car without worrying about it warping or sustaining heat damage to the interior or exterior, while you take a trip to the beach or your local park.

  1. Use a Microfiber Cloth

Keeping your interior surfaces clean is the best possible protection against the sun, as scorched dirt and dust can lead to scratches over time. It’s as simple as using a microfiber towel – and it’ll take you 30 seconds each time. If you have a bit of extra time though, consider using a specially-designed protective spray. Our Interior Satin Finish Protectant helps you protect your plastic and vinyl surfaces from UV rays, which are extremely harmful to dashboards, vinyl and moldings, causing them to crack and fade over time. This can then lead to warping, further cracks and eventually the need for replacement. Interior Satin Finish Protectant seals and finishes these surfaces, allowing for long-lasting protection from harmful rays at the same time as an attractive, natural-looking finish. The key to this product is that it doesn’t over-shine either. Too much shine from a non-specialist product will attract extra UV damage, rather than protecting against it. You need the perfect balance between gloss and protection, which our product delivers.

  1. Protect your Leather

It’s important to remember that leather is the hide of an animal. Just like we protect our own “hides” through regular cleaning and conditioning, so we need to do the same with our vehicle leather so that it remains in top-quality condition. Our Plush Leather Conditioner nourishes and moisturizes your leather, leaving it softer and less stressed after it has been bound and sealed by the leather cleaner. Not only that, but Plush Conditioner helps restore the condition of your leather even further by gently moisturising dry and worn parts of the leather that have been dried out by the sun. Think of it as sunscreen for your leather!

  1. Wash

Just as having clean interior surfaces helps to protect against the sun, so regular washing of your exterior is extremely important too. Again, it’s dust and dirt that settles and can cause small scratches that are absolute killers when it’s hot and sunny. However often you normally wash your car – make it twice as frequent. And use a high-quality foaming soap like Proje’s Vital Car Wash Soap - with the two-bucket wash method of course. Check the product link for more details on how to do this!

  1. Wax

Of course, wax is the ultimate way to protect your paintwork, and we have developed a special hybrid product that relies on a polymer bond for extra protection. Our Hybrid Wax Sealant doesn’t just deliver a beautiful shine; it seals your newly shiny exterior from all kinds of contamination – brake dust, excrement, water, UV rays and pollution – all for up to a year. It’s durable, resistant to extreme temperatures, hot or cold, and will have your car turning heads everywhere you go with that smooth, radiant shine. The secret is in the ingredients; the synthetic formula provides the best results for the overall finish, but also creates a direct bond with the surface of your vehicle, meaning that a really strong seal is created, so nothing can get in – especially not the sun!

And a few other things to consider…

  1. Tires

It’s not all about products though. Did you know, for example, that it is doubly important that you check your tire pressure when it’s hot? Pavements and sidewalks absorb heat and can reach temperatures that far exceed the air temperature, putting strain on your tires. This can easily lead to blowouts, so make sure you keep your tires at optimum pressure levels and monitor them throughout the summer.

  1. Protection

You can also give your car a bit of extra protection by using seat covers, windshield covers and, best of all, by parking in the shade if possible. This won’t always be an option, sure, but if it is, then it’s one to take! You’d rather a car covered in leaves than warped bodywork! But if you use the products and techniques above, you’ll be sure to keep your car safe from UV rays, and looking fantastic at the same time – perfect for a summer cruise!