• pH balanced – ensuring that it’s safe to use on your wheels, but won’t damage your paintwork or glass either
  • No scrubbing necessary – mild chemical reaction that loosens all the iron, leaving you to wipe away
  • Bleeding formula – Turns red and trickles down your wheels to show that the iron has been separated
  • Powerful – Gets it all, every time

Iron Remover Wheel Cleaner is Proje’s newest product, and it’s the most innovative yet! Specifically targeting the iron deposits that can be extremely damaging to your wheels, it’s a super-powerful, super-safe, super-fun product that’s really satisfying to use – you can literally see the effects!

A Problem Area No More

Each time you brake, the friction and subsequent heat that is generated causes a number of elements to be released from the braking area. You’ve got brake dust, iron, carbon, bits of brake pad… all this stuff gets kicked out during braking and then flies around inside your wheels and under your vehicle, getting lodged against your wheels, tires, arches and even chipping away at your paintwork. As everything is embedded, new debris then layers over the top of the old, making the problem much worse. You’re looking at permanent scarring to your wheels, or the creation of cracks in your paintwork that can grow or lead to oxidisation and the dreaded rust. When this problem goes untreated, it can get to the point where it is costly and risks permanent damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, we have created a product that gets rid of all the problems in a few seconds.

The most important thing about our Iron Remover Wheel Cleaner is that it is perfectly pH-balanced, so that using it won’t cause any different problems. It doesn’t matter if it splashes against your paintwork, and it is safe but powerful on your wheels. Just spray and wipe away!

The Wheel Cleaner That “Bleeds”

Your wheels are the trickiest parts of your car to get really clean. Not only are the most active part of your car, but they also have to contend with the toughest debris. Top of the list here are brake dust and iron particles. Not only are the particles hard and sharp making them really corrosive, but they’re also microscopic, meaning that it’s very difficult to tell if you’ve actually removed them at all with a traditional all-over lather clean.

Proje’s Iron Remover Wheel Cleaner ensures that all the hard, metallic contamination that builds up through braking at higher speeds is removed quickly and easily, leaving you with wheels that won’t kick up excess debris onto your paintwork, causing permanent damage. Cars these days are much quicker than older cars, and the braking systems use a blend of different metallic elements to ensure that braking is still as effective, and it’s this blend and the force of braking combined that mean that you really need an effective product to ensure that your wheels last as long as you’d like them to – ideally the whole time you have the car!

After you’ve sprayed our wheel cleaner onto your wheels, it will turn red and start to “bleed” – when the coloured liquid trickles down your wheels. This shows that the necessary reaction ash taken place, and all the embedded debris and metallic dust has been successfully detached surface of the wheel. You can now wipe everything away and move on to the next stage of your wheel cleaning process!




How to Use:

Like all of the products here at Proje’, the emphasis is on being easy and fun to use. Take a look at these simple steps.

Step 1

Rinse your wheels first to get rid off any dirt and grease, allowing the cleaner to focus specifically on the metallic debris.

Step 2

Spray the Iron Remover Wheel Cleaner directly onto your wheel surfaces. Give the internal parts a spray too, and be as liberal as you like.

Step 3

You won’t need to wait long, so don’t go anywhere! You will see the cleaner turn red and start to trickle down your wheels. This shows that it’s ready to wash away. Use a hosepipe or bucket of water to completely remove the cleaner from the wheels before it dries.

Step 4

You should now be ready to move onto the wider wheel cleaning process. Check out our Redline Wheel Cleaner for a really great product pairing!


Suggested Product Pairings

Redline Wheel Cleaner

Redline wheel cleaner is a powerful all-purpose cleaner that gets right in to your wheel wells to break down all the toughest build-ups of dirt, brake dust and grease or contamination caused by the breakdown of surrounding metals at high temperatures. Use this after using our Iron Remover Wheel Cleaner for best possible results

Iron Remover Wheel Cleaner – Product Information NEEDS ADDING TO

  • 16 Fl.oz / 473.2ml
  • Contains Sodium, X, Y, Z
  • Avoid contact with mouth or eyes – harmful if swallowed
  • Use gloves – skin irritation may occur