Prep Spray – Prepare for Protection

  • Quick evaporation – No waiting around for the next step
  • Effective – Removes 99.9% of contaminants
  • Super protective – Guarantees superb results when combined with a ceramic coating

Proje’ Prep Spray is the perfect way to prepare your paintwork for a high-quality ceramic coating. It’s safe to use on all forms of paintwork and other surfaces, evaporates quickly and helps to highlight minor defects and scratches to make your ceramic coating more effective afterwards. When used in conjunction with our 9H Spray Ceramic Coating, you get smooth, clean resistant paintwork that’s protected for a whole year!

A Top-Quality Assistant

If you’re going to ceramic coat your car, you’ll want to see stunning results. So, why not make the most of it? A well-prepared surface ensures no contaminants remain on your paintwork that will lessen the effect of the ceramic coating. Our Vital Car Wash Soap will get rid of the visible dirt, then Prep Spray removes invisible contaminants like remnants of old waxes and sealants, and our 9H Spray Ceramic Coating applies the finishing touches. It’s a powerful trio!

Spot the Difference

Often, micro-abrasions and tiny scratches can go unnoticed on dulled paitn surfaces. This means that when you come to apply a ceramic coating, you end up with a slightly uneven finish which can be exaggerated by both light and water beading. Our Prep Spray shows up these defects, allowing you to pay closer attention to your buffing after you’ve laid on the ceramic coating. That’s why it’s the best prep spray out there!

How to Use

Our Prep Spray is one of the easiest products to use that we’ve ever produced. Simply spray directly on to the surface of your vehicle – be as liberal as you like; the formula is completely harmless to all surfaces. You’ll see the solution evaporate before your very eyes, but after a few seconds, you can wipe the surface of your paintwork with a clean microfiber towel to make sure that it’s completely dry before applying your ceramic coating. It’s as simple as that!

9H Spray Ceramic Coating – For the fastest protective shine

  • 9H Hardness – Provides protection for a year
  • Hydrophobic – A slick surface with amazing water beading
  • Time-saving – cuts your wash time in half

Our 9H Spray Ceramic Coating is an effective, easy-to-use ceramic spray that provides incredible protection to your paintwork for a year per application. It’s extremely durable, with strong hydrophobic properties, and effective at filling in light scratches to ensure a more resistant, smoother surface that you can really show off.

You Shall Not Pass!

Paintwork is naturally breathable in that it’s made up of tiny pores. This is important for good quality paint, but it also creates a problem in that dirt can infiltrate these pores and be hard to remove. Our 9H Spray doesn’t only form a protective layer over your paintwork; it blends in with these pores to create a semi-permanent, ultra-durable bond that can’t be penetrated by dirt and contaminants. After applying, you get a year’s protection and that classic shine to go with it.

And to make things even better, we’ve made our 9H Spray hydrophobic, meaning that water beads and slides right off the surface, along with dirt, brake dust, mud and other contaminants. This means that cleaning is a real easy job – just a 10-minute job every so often with our Vital Car Wash Soap.

How to Use

Getting a perfect ceramic coat is a labour of love, but it doesn’t need to be reserved for professional garages. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1Wash your car with our Vital Car Wash Soap

Step 2 Dry the paintwork with a microfiber towel, then use the Proje’ Prep Spray to remove any invisible contaminants and reveal any tiny micro-abrasions on your paintwork.

Step 3Spray the 9H Spray Ceramic Coating on to a blue Applicator Pad.

Step 4Apply the coating evenly, reapplying the spray to the pad when necessary.

Step 5Each time you apply the coating to a section, leave it to cure for one minute. This is the coating attaching itself to the body of your vehicle.

Step 6Now, it’s time shine. Get a clean microfiber towel and give the bodywork a really good buff. Remember to look out for those scratches and scrapes we highlighted with the Prep Spray, and give these a really good extra buff to help the ceramic coating fill the holes and make your car’s surface super smooth again.

Step 7This isn’t 100% necessary – our ceramic coating will still be effective if you can’t do it – but, for the best possible results, keep your car inside or covered for 24 hoursafter coating.

Bonus Step

As an interim touch-up to your ceramic coating, take a look at our SiO2 Quick Coat – a long-lasting, tough product designed to give you three benefits in one – clean, shine and protect. Keep the surface of your coating super-clean and shiny while ensuring that it lasts as long as possible, with the best SiO2 product on the market today. That’s the Proje’ way!