Welcome back to the Proje’ blog! This week, we’re going to look at wraps and clear bras. Ok, this isn’t something that we all have on our vehicles, but whether it’s for customization and aesthetics, or it’s a commercial decision, wraps can look amazing, cost a lot to get put on, and can also get damaged pretty easily. In fact, we believe that more people would go with a wrap if they thought they’d get a better life out of the product – which is why we decided to create our Wrap Specific Detail Spray.

What is Wrap Specific Detail Spray?

So, what we’ve got here is a specialist product aimed specifically at protecting clear bras, glosses, wraps and graphics from dirt, scratching, fading, peeling and harmful UV rays. But while it’s a high-grade product, it’s still easy to use, affordable, and really quick – three core functions that we want all our products to have (and if you read our blog last week, you’ll know a bit more about that!)

When you’ve spent serious money on clear bras and wraps to protect the more vulnerable areas of your car, you want to make sure that you get the longest possible lifespan out of them. Of course you do. And you’ll definitely want to be confident that your lower paintwork and custom graphic work won’t be damaged by rocks or debris, which can be our nemesis for many things!

But when your wrap starts to fade, it completely ruins the effect and it’s difficult to restore, where wheels can be cleaned, or paintwork touched up. This can be very stressful. So, at Proje’, we’ve developed a special spray that focuses specifically on high-end wraps. It isn’t a hybrid product, or an all-in-one; it’s a specialist detailing spray that will ensure the longest lasting protection on the market. But you don’t need to take your car to a lab to make it work; just spray, wipe and buff – that’s all you need to do!

How does it work?

Not only does our Wrap Specific Detail Spray clean and shine as you wipe it on, but it’s also adding a protectant as you do this. While wraps themselves are designed to protect your paintwork, they don’t last forever. Over time, they can wear away and scratch, leaving visible marks that are hard to remove. Adding this extra layer of protection is like having a double shield over your paintwork. Of course, the upshot is that you substantially increase the life of your wrap. But there’s also the sun and its UV rays to consider. When light damage gets into your wraps, it leaves a yellowish color, but the good news is that Wrap Specific Detail Spray is designed to protect against this. We’ve put a UV solar blocker in there and it’s super effective but totally chemical-free. So, if you fancy peace of mind, get over to our shop and pick up a bottle for just $14.99 for a 16oz bottle.

How to use Wrap Specific Detail Spray

Like all our products, Wrap Specific Detail Spray is quick and easy to use.

  • Ensure that your car’s surface is cool; do this out of sunlight to avoid any issues. For the best possible results, use an all-purpose car cleaner like our Vital Car Wash Soap before using the spray. Work on a cool, dry surface.
  • Shake the bottle to get everything going on the inside, then spray directly on to the surface. Don’t worry too much about over or under-doing it – you’ll know when you see the result.
  • Wipe horizontally using a microfiber towel. As you do this, you’ll notice the dirt and dust disappear. Reapply if necessary.
  • Turn the microfiber towel over to the dry, clean side and go over the surface again, applying plenty of pressure. As you do this, you’re buffing and shining the surface, while ensuring maximum absorption.

Now you can relax, knowing you’ve done the best possible job on your wrap.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s blog – stay tuned for more tips and tricks next week. We’re going to feature more of our kits each month too, so keep an eye out for more great all-in-one deals and some incredible discounts!

If you have any questions about any of the techniques or products that we’ve mentioned in this post, just add a comment below and we’ll post a reply! Remember that we stock only the best auto detailing supplies, so why not click some of the links in this blog post, or visit our products page to find out more? From all of us at Proje’, Enjoy the Process!