Welcome back to the Proje’ blog. Last week, we took a look at the merits of foam washing vs the traditional two-bucket method. This week, it’s time to add up the true of cost of detailing in general so you can see what great value you get out of these products.

It’s fair to say that a lot of people never get into detailing because they’re concerned about the time side of things, or that it’s too difficult or costly. All these things are just assumptions though – nothing could be further from the truth! Over the last few months, we’ve published a number of product guides that hopefully show that auto detailing can be fun, quick and easy. We’ve even done some timed challenges to prove how quickly you can really get professional results by home detailing. Now, let’s take a look at the cost aspect.

You’ve got two options when it comes to cost. You can either go for a reduced detail which covers everything but doesn’t really delve down into the nitty gritty, or you can go the whole hog and buy one of our kits, which covers all bases. Take a look at our kits and their costs here – but we’re going to look at the cheaper option below.

  1. Exterior Cleaning

Let’s start with the exterior. Use Vital Car Wash Soap on your paintwork. Vital Car Wash Soap is a unique handpicked blend that is designed to softly release dirt from the painted surface of your car while maximizing the protection that lies underneath. Its unique blend can be used in a traditional bucket or in a foam cannon that produces incredible suds. It is designed to softly release dirt while maximizing protection. We’re going to pair this product with the garden hose foam cannon to get the best possible results. The attachment connects to most standard garden hoses, allowing you to get super suds without the use of a pressure washer. This time, it’s the velocity of your water supply that helps create the suds, and it is effective. With the garden hose foam cannon your still experience that fun snow-globe effect that will result in your car being completely covered and cleaned from roof to wheel. To finish, we’ll dry everything off using our big giant drying towel.

For a bonus bit of detailing, we’re going to attack the wheels with Redline Wheel Cleaner. Redline wheel cleaner is a powerful all-purpose cleaner that gets right in to your wheel wells to break down all the toughest build-ups of dirt, brake dust and grease or contamination caused by the breakdown of surrounding metals at high temperatures. For drying the wheels, we’re going to use our black mamba towel – black to match black.

Vital Car Wash Soap - $9.99
Foam Cannon - $49.99
Big Giant Drying Towel - $9.99
Redline Wheel Cleaner - $10.99
Black Mamba Towel - $6.49

Exterior detailing cost - $87.45 for the first 8 washes, then $20.98 per 8 washes thereafter.

  1. Interior Cleaning

Moving on to the interior – a much neglected area of a car if you aren’t someone who typically enjoys detailing. The good news though, is that it can be real cheap and real quick. It can be tough to choose from the wide range of products out there for your interiors, especially when modern and high-end vehicles contain such a colourful mixture of different surfaces, mainly vinyl, plastic and leather. We know leather to be a high-quality product, and of course you want to make sure that you use a safe, high-quality cleaner to match. At Proje’ we have come up with a blended cleaner that is tough on dirt and grease no matter what the surface, meaning that one bottle can be used as your interior cleaning solution for all your surfaces. As leather ages, it cracks and this can mean that dirt penetrates more easily, but also that untreated cracks can turn in to splits and eventually, tears. Alpha Interior Cleaner & Leather Cleaner helps to protect cracked areas from further damage, giving you a longer and a cleaner product life. So you can treat your leather seats – or other fabrics – as well as your dash and glass surfaces – all in one!

To get the best out of this great product, we’re going to use our white intensive 2-sided interior towel for a mixture of wiping and buffing, and an easy reach crevice brush to get right into the little cracks and lines on your dash.


Alpha Interior Cleaner & Leather Cleaner - $12.99
White Intensive 2-sided Interior Towel - $9.99
Easy Reach Crevice Brush - $6.99

Interior Detailing Cost - $29.97 for multiple cleans

  1. Exterior and Interior Protection

Still with us? Let’s take a look at protection. It’s no good cleaning and then not protecting your clean surface. That just results in you having to do your hard work again more often – and it’ll hit you in the pocket! Our hybrid wax sealant is a unique blend that gives the best protection possible to your car’s surface. This full polymer synthetic formula enhances shine and protection for every vehicle color. Hybrid Wax Sealant is special in the fact that it bonds directly with the surface creating a strong barrier against water spots, road grime, fallout and industrial contaminants for up to 12 months, so you get a great looking shine for a whole year! You’ve already got your two-sided towel from the interior detailing, so this is just going to need a blue applicator pad for the best possible results.

As for the interior, our Interior Satin Finish Protectant will sort your dash and vinyls out in no time. One application is usually all you will need to leave your surfaces supple and protected against damaging UV rays. This interior protectant is dry to the touch, never greasy and leaves surfaces with a beautiful matte or satin finish in a matter of seconds.

Hybrid Wax Sealant - $39.99 – this will last you 2-3 years!
Interior Satin Finish Protectant - $15.99 – another great product that should last you over 2 years
Blue Applicator Pad - $4.99

That’s an awesome total of $60.97 every 2 years!

  1. Extras

If you’ve got a bit of dollar left over after all that, you might want to take a look at Genesis Glass Cleaner, an ammonia free, streak free formula that will deliver crystal clear glass every time when paired with our specially-designed Diamond Window Towel. Safe on tinted windows, this versatile cleaner will also remove fingerprints, smudges and anything else life may throw at your glass. Use both inside and out for the best effects and for the kind of perfectly clear shine that you only see in the movies. Or perhaps treat yourself to some fantastic-smelling new car scent, for that fresh out of the garage feel!

Genesis Glass Cleaner - $9.99
New Car Scent -$9.99

Extras total: $19.98

So, what’s the cost?

We’re so confident you’re going to be blown away by how affordable detailing really is, that we’re going just going to go right ahead and include those extras on the final tally. So, let’s add it up…

$198.37! So, we’ve got you into detailing for under 200 bucks, and for the most part this is a cost that you’re only going to fork out for every 1-2 years! You can’t deny that that’s real value!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s blog – stay tuned for more tips and tricks next week.

If you have any questions about any of the techniques or products that I’ve mentioned in this post, just add a comment below and we’ll post a reply! Remember that we stock only the best auto detailing supplies, so why not click some of the links in this blog post, or visit our products page to find out more? From all of us at Proje’, Enjoy the Process!