Welcome back to the Proje’ blog! There can be few things more frustrating than getting perfectly clean glass. It’s not that the products are hard to use; it’s that when you get to the end, more often than not, you’ll spot a smudge or a fingerprint from where you’ve been working. Then, you’ll work on it and that’ll create a different smudge – until you give up or start again. It’s so, so easy to get wrong!

The secret to clean windows and windshields is two-fold.

First, the right products. Second, the right technique. Let’s break it down. Here’s our 101 on how to get perfect, smudge-free glass.

The Products

First up, you need the product that’s going to do the business. And for your glass, that’s Genesis Glass Cleaner. What you get is an ammonia free, streak free formula that will deliver crystal clear glass every. It’s safe on tinted windows and super effective at removing fingerprints, smudges and anything else life may throw at your glass. Where standard window cleaners will leave streaks and could damage your window tint, Genesis Glass Cleaner is truly universal, so you can use it with confidence.

The second part of the puzzle is the Diamond Window Towel. When it comes to glass, it’s important to dry the surface as quickly as possible in order to avoid any swirls as the water comes off. This is a typical frustration of drivers and something we’ve spent a lot of time on perfecting. You’ll notice that our Diamond Window Towel has a slightly different texture to our other microfiber towels. This is because the weave of the microfibers is slightly different; the fibers trap the water and absorb it into the towel. Despite this being smaller than our other towels, it is as effective because the focus here is drying sections of glass extremely quickly rather than focusing on sheer surface area.

The Technique

Ok, so you’ve got the gear. Now, to get a clue…

First, make sure you’re working out of direct sunlight so as to avoid any spotting. Spray Genesis Glass Cleaner directly on to the glass; two squirts per window should be enough to ensure complete coverage.

Now, fold the Diamond Window Towel in half, and wipe in a back-and-forth direction across the glass, ensuring that you cover the surface all the way to the corners. Make sure that the glass is completely dry before moving on the next section – refold the Diamond Window Towel and repeat if necessary.

The best way to avoid any streaks, is to alternate the direction in which you wipe. For interior windows, wipe in a horizontal direction; for exterior windows, wipe in a vertical direction. This will ensure zero streaks.

And for a bonus tip, remember to use these techniques both inside and out for the best effects. That’s how they get that amazing shine in the movies!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s blog – stay tuned for more tips and tricks next week. We’re going to feature more of our kits each month too, so keep an eye out for more great all-in-one deals and some incredible discounts!

If you have any questions about any of the techniques or products that we’ve mentioned in this post, just add a comment below and we’ll post a reply! Remember that we stock only the best auto detailing supplies, so why not click some of the links in this blog post, or visit our products page to find out more? From all of us at Proje’, Enjoy the Process!