California-based auto detailing specialists, Proje’, have further bolstered their product list with a set of three new pads for with Dual Action Polishing Machines. Based out of their home in La Mirada, CA, the team has created three new, color-coded pads that can be used with their polishing products to get even better results than when using them manually.

The three colors Proje’ have chosen for their pads are orange, yellow and red, with all three coming in 6” diameter and 1” thick size, designed for use with Rotary, Gear-Driven and Orbital DA polishers. The orange pad is for more heavy-duty polishing, while the yellow pad can be used for more typical, regular polishing tasks. Proje’ offers two main products to accompany these pads – Leveling DA MF Polish for removing minor paint defects and water spots, and Metal Polish, which can be used on any metal surface, both on vehicles and inside the home. Finally, the red pad is for those finishing touches, for which Proje’s Revive Final Polish is an ideal product to use for a dust-free, swirl free, defect free, high gloss finish to any painted surface or ceramic coating.

Proje’ CEO, said, “These new pads are perfect for home users looking to get into DA polishing, or for professionals who want to get a more uniform shine with less effort. Like the rest of our products, we’ve spent a lot of time researching what works best for auto detailers of all standards, and we feel that a pack of three to cover regular, heavy-duty and finishing polishes is the best way to ensure that there’s something for everyone. We’re all about inclusivity at Proje’, so it’s fantastic to be able to provide another set of products that can really appeal to everyone out there.”

The DA Polisher Pads will retail at $13.99 for one, or a multipack of all thee for $38.49. Shipping is available throughout the States, with free delivery for orders over $50. Accompanying polishers and sealants are available to order via the Proje’ website at