Why Kitting Up Will Help You Out

This week we’re taking a break from focusing on specific products and techniques, and we’re going to look at something a bit more general – why is it beneficial to buy specialist products and accessories at all?

There are thousands of people out there who wash their cars twice a year with washing up liquid and a sponge. What’s wrong with that? After all, if they’re happy, that’s the most important thing, right? Well, we aren’t going to argue with that. At Proje’, our number one goal is to bring back happiness into what a lot of people would consider to be a chore. And if that means not using our products, then that’s fine.

But we’re here to speak to those people who take pride in their vehicles beyond keeping them relatively clean. We want to help enthusiasts show their cars off for the beautiful pieces of technology that they are. And for that – to really get the results you see on the TV – you’re going to need to invest a bit more time and money in the process. Now, we make sure that we offer affordable products for sure, but the fact is that detailing costs more than soap and water. However, using the right products in the right way could actually save you money, and that’s down to the simple fact that the best products protect your vehicle from aging, and you end up spending less on issues that might come around from not taking proper care of your car. Here are a few examples.

The Right Products

Let’s put it simply – not every part or surface of your car is the same. They’re not made of the same materials, they aren’t exposed to the same elements, and they’re not the same toughness. This alone should be enough to warrant a few different products.

  • Your wheels - Each time you brake, the friction and subsequent heat that is generated causes a number of elements to be released from the braking area. You’ve got brake dust, iron, carbon, bits of brake pad… all this stuff gets kicked out during braking and then flies around inside your wheels and under your vehicle, getting lodged against your wheels, tires, arches and even chipping away at your paintwork. As everything is embedded, new debris then layers over the top of the old, making the problem much worse. You’re looking at permanent scarring to your wheels, or the creation of cracks in your paintwork that can grow or lead to oxidisation and the dreaded rust. When this problem goes untreated, it can get to the point where it is costly and risks permanent damage to your vehicle.

Solution: Use one of our Wheel Cleaners to ensure that you get rid of the worst debris that your car can collect. The active ingredients in the cleaner neutralize any acidic presence, allowing for a smooth wipe clean and an end to any danger of long-lasting damage.

  • Your Bodywork – If you don’t use a product that is pH neutral, you run the risk of discolouring or damaging your paintwork. And unsealed paintwork can develop tiny crevices through micro-scratches and chips, which can lead to oxidisation. Not only that, but using standard soap and water can mean that you introduce stains and swirls to your paintwork.

Solution: Use our Vital Car Wash Soap. It separates dirt from paintwork so that you can wipe it away easily, without any risk of scratching. The suds and bubbles are formed as a result of a special pH neutral chemical reaction with water, which is tough on dirt and grease but will not damage any wax or sealant. Vital Car Wash Soap is a professional product designed not to leave any spots, swirls or streaks that a basic water solution can easily do.

  • Your Glass – It can be extremely frustrating finding little fingerprints or smudges on your windows. Your eyes will be drawn to any imperfections on your glass. It is notoriously difficult to clean every inch of glass without either leaving smudges or creating swirls and streaks during the drying process. Not only that, but you need a product that is safe for use on tinted windows too.

Solution: Use our Genesis Glass Cleaner. Safe on tinted windows, this versatile cleaner will also remove fingerprints, smudges and anything else life may throw at your glass. Use both inside and out for the best effects and for the kind of perfectly clear shine that you only see in the movies.

  • Your Interior – If you have any leather or alcantara, it needs to be treated completely differently from plastic or glass. And without a good cleaning product, you won’t get into the deepest dirt, stains and odors in your carpets, or the crevices of your panelling and seating.

Solution: We’ve got a bunch of fantastic products to help you get your interior super-clean, and we’ve put them all together in a kit that represents awesome value for money. Check out our Intensive Kit here.


The Right Accessories

As with products, auto detailing accessories are designed for specific purposes related to your car. This means that they will be far more effective than standard household products. Have a look at the three examples below.

  • Grit Guard – Without a grit guard, you’re risking huge damage to your paintwork, as the dirt on your cleaning implement is not being removed, meaning that you’re scratching your car with it each time you use it. Check out the Proje’ Grit Guard to see how a simple product at the bottom of your bucket can completely rid you of this persistent problem.
  • Microfiber Towels - Microfiber is super-absorbent and hydrogen bonding in production means that they take up oil extremely well, making them an ideal technology in car detailing. The ultra-fine fibers leave no particles behind and they’re even better at removing bacteria than a regular cloth or towel, so you’ll see microfiber used in commercial cleaning across the world – not just cars. They’re also extremely durable, so you can put in that extra bit of effort without your towel breaking down, but the ultra-thin strands won’t scratch your paintwork. We have a range of microfiber towels at Proje’ – shapes, sizes and GSMs – all to match the needs of your vehicle. Take a look at these and more accessories
  • Brushes - The size of brush you choose is really important. Too large and you won’t be able to get in the little gaps, too small and you will waste a whole load of time covering a small surface area when it isn’t necessary. Quite often, the parts of your car that need the most attention are the hard-to-reach or almost invisible parts. Cracks, crevices and your inner rims can collect dirt at an alarming rate, but the good news is that we have brushes that easily get in amongst the build-up and remove it, leaving you with a 100% clean car. You can see our range of brushes on our accessories page.


The Right Methods

Have you heard the phrase “All the gear, no idea”? There’s no point having a specialist product if you don’t know how to use it. But we’ve got you covered here at Proje’ our product descriptions are comprehensive and they’re all available here, on our website for free! Look out for our step-by-step methods and our fantastic expert tips, to help you get the best out of your investment! Check out two examples below – of course, there are many more waiting for you to discover!

  • The Two Bucket Method - If you’re washing your car correctly, you’ll be using the two-bucket method. If you wipe away dirt and then put your wash pad straight back in your soap bucket, you’re contaminating the soapy water with dirt, which will hugely reduce the effect of the cleaning solution. The two-bucket wash method ensures that you avoid this and get the cleanest possible finish.
  • The Right Motion – If you’re talking wax and sealant products, then a circular motion for application will ensure the smoothest, most even coverage. If it’s glass, then horizontal works best. Knowing the techniques required is important to ensure the best results, and we’ve written step by step instructions for every product on its individual page, and on the back of every bottle we sell!


So, there you have it. Auto detailing is something we’re extremely passionate about here at Proje’, and we’re so happy to be able to share our tips, products and expertise with you, our valued customers. Of course, auto detailing isn’t for everyone, but we’ve worked hard to make it fun, quick and as affordable as possible, in the hope that we can provide as many products as possible to as many different people as we can, all over the US. We’re on a mission to spread the motto “Enjoy the Process”, and we truly hope that you all do!

If you have any questions about any of the techniques or products that I’ve mentioned in this post, just contact us on info@projeproducts.com and one of the Proje’ team will be in touch with you! Remember that we stock only the best auto detailing supplies, so why not click some of the links in this blog post, or visit our products page to find out more? From all of us at Proje’, Enjoy the Process!