Why Wax and Seal Your Paintwork?

Welcome back to the Proje’ blog. Today, we’re going to put one of the classic parts of auto detailing under the microscope; waxing. We’ll take you through the benefits of waxing your car and then finish off by reminding you of the simple steps you can take to wax and seal your car, using the great products that we’ve developed here at Proje’.

The “Hollywood” Shine

There is nothing shinier than a newly-waxed car. A recently valeted or detailed vehicle is so shiny that you can see your face in it, and that’s about the most satisfying thing we can imagine here at Proje’. A layer of wax or sealant is not only smooth, it’s sexy. It’s the perfect way to iron out any tiny imperfections to create a completely uniform smoothness that will last.

Long-lasting Protection

Ok, so we aren’t going to say that waxing and sealing lasts forever, but it is really effective when done properly. With a hybrid product like our Hybrid Wax Sealant, you’re only looking at around one application per year, depending on where you live, where you keep your car at night, and what kind of driving you’re doing. That’s some serious value for money, but it’s also not exactly labour-intensive, so you can get loads of joy out of relatively little work; and that’s what we’re all about here at Proje’! 

A wax / sealant hybrid is a layer of protection that means you won’t get chips, stains or scratches while it’s on your paintwork. And it’s easy to apply smoothly, meaning that you’ll be free from water spots and swirls too.  

The Product

If you’re looking to wax your car, you can go down the route of a carnauba wax application. But the quickest, best value option also happens to be the one that delivers the best protection; using a hybrid. Our Hybrid Wax Sealant is a unique blend that gives the best protection possible to your car’s surface. This full polymer synthetic formula enhances shine and protection for every vehicle color. Hybrid Wax Sealant is special in the fact that it bonds directly with the surface creating a strong barrier against water spots, road grime, fallout and industrial contaminants for up to 12 months, so you get a great looking shine for a whole year!


How to Use

So, let’s take a look at the four simple steps to using our product. Before we do, a reminder: for best results, wash your car before waxing and sealing. A clean surface ensures that you won’t be applying your sealant over dirt sitting on the paintwork. Why not check out our Vital Car Wash Soap to get the ball rolling?

Step 1

Always work out of direct sunlight; when you have finished applying Hybrid Wax Sealant your vehicle will be protected from the sun, but during the application process you should be in the shade so that rays can’t get in. Use a new Blue Applicator Pad to apply 4 dime-sized dots of Hybrid Wax Sealant directly onto the applicator.

Step 2

Place the face of the applicator flat on the surface of the car – it is important to be as level as possible so that you transfer the Hybrid Wax Sealant in an even level fashion. Use light pressure to spread the sealant onto the surface in slow, circular patterns.

Step 3

Let the sealant cure for 5-10 minutes before wiping off with our White Intensive 2-Sided Interior Towel. Use the microfiber side for the smoothest results.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 as needed to complete the entire vehicle, and then apply touch-ups where necessary.

And if you want our expert tip on how to apply this sealant as well as the professionals do, head on over to the Hybrid Wax Sealant Product Page to reveal all!

If you have any questions about any of the techniques or products that I’ve mentioned in this post, just contact us on info@projeproducts.com and one of the Proje’ team will be in touch with you! Remember that we stock only the best auto detailing supplies, so why not click some of the links in this blog post, or visit our products page to find out more? From all of us at Proje’, Enjoy the Process!



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