Throwback Clay Lube
Throwback Clay Lube
Throwback Clay Lube
Throwback Clay Lube
Throwback Clay Lube
Throwback Clay Lube

Throwback Clay Lube

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How To Use

Throwback Clay Lube – The Classic Way to Produce the Smoothest Finish

  • WORKS WITH A VARIETY OF CLAY APPLICATORS - The versatile Clay Lube works with all types of clay, whether bars, mitts, towels, and discs.
  • MINIMIZE FRICTION BETWEEN CLAY AND SURFACE - Specially made for maximum lubricity for the safest possible claying. Throwback Clay Lube is specially formulated with wetting agents to increase lubricity and reduce friction, making your claying process more effective while ensuring you do not scratch your paint.
  • A CUT ABOVE THE REST - When using clay without enough lubricant can cause marring and leave small, difficult to remove, pieces of clay behind. Remove overspray, tree sap, road grime, bugs, brake dust, industrial fallout, etc. that embed into the surface of the clear coat of your vehicle. 
  • EXTEND YOUR APPLICATORS USE - Throwback Clay Lube also helps extend your clay bar's life by giving it the lubricants it needs to last for multiple applications. Works perfectly with traditional clay bars, clay mitts, towels, and even clay discs.
  • SAFE ON ALL SURFACES - The PH-neutral formula is safe on all surfaces like paintwork, glass, plastic, and metal for a smooth feel.

The Established Method

It’s no secret these days that the claying process produces the smoothest possible finish on your paintwork; polish simply can’t compete! General vehicle use causes contamination from brake dust, general pollution, sprays, debris and the quality of the air around you. Often, metal contaminants cause tiny chips in your paintwork meaning dirt can penetrate below the surface, which can lead to nasty oxidation and rust issues in the long-term. Claying is sometimes the only way to remove deep-set contamination. The light friction caused by rubbing the clay across your bodywork drags all the deep dirt out and keeps it out as you move the bar across your paintwork. It's an absolute must before polishing and waxing. If you wax a vehicle that hasn't had all the dirt removed in the most effective way possible, then the wax will come under attack from beneath—it will not last as long and can create a bubble that ruins your smooth coat. 

The Importance of Lubrication

When using a clay bar, lubrication is required so that friction is reduced and the clay bar doesn’t stick to and remove the paintwork. This will keep your bodywork completely safe from any scratching. Throwback Clay Lube is designed for maximum lubricity, so your clay bar or mitt will move easily across your paintwork without any risk of scratching. What’s more, the versatility of our lube means that you can use all kinds of clay bars, from soft to hard, on your bodywork with no problems. You can even apply our Clay Lube to your glass surfaces to create an unbelievably shiny and smooth effect all over your vehicle’s exterior.


    Step 1 

    Always work out of direct sunlight. Moving one panel at a time, saturate with Throwback Clay Lube. It’s impossible to over-lubricate. Plus, this is the key step to the process. A lack of lubrication could cause your clay bar to stick to the paintwork.

    Step 2

    Use your clay bar, mitt or disc to gently glide the clay across the surface. You don’t need to use force – the clay is powerful enough. Move in a horizontal direction for the most effective coverage. When you first move your bar, mitt or disc across the paintwork, it will most likely cling a bit. Don’t panic – this is the clay bar pulling all the dirt out from the paintwork. It means it’s doing its job!

    Step 3

    As you apply the clay bar with your working hand, keep the Throwback Clay Lube in your other hand and constantly reapply so that the surface is fully saturated.

    Step 4

    As you move back across the same surface, you’ll find that the clay bar moves more easily. This means that you have removed all the debris and contamination. Once the bar slides across with ease, this area of your paintwork is done and you can move to the next part, repeating the process. It’s important to exercise patience – you don’t want to rush and not lubricate the area enough.

    Suggested Product Pairings

    Clay Mitt

    This is the easiest way to remove contaminants. The Proje Mitt removes airborne contaminants, overspray, water spots and more. Use with Throwback Clay Lubricator Spray to help extend the life of your mitt and increase effectiveness. Mitts are rubber-based and last longer than traditional clay bars.

    Traditional Clay Bar

    Have a freshly washed car that doesn't feel silky smooth to the touch? The Proje Traditional Clay Bar gently and effectively decontaminates the paint, freeing it from oxidation, over spray and industrial fall out, creating that silky-smooth surface you were hoping for. After your vehicle's paint is free from contaminants, properly apply waxes, sealants and coatings directly to the paintwork. This gives maximum protection and longevity. They say not to mess with a classic, so we haven’t. The Traditional Clay Bar is everything you expect from a clay bar; it’s sticky, pliable and extremely effective.




    Reviews on TrustPilot, Amazon, and Facebook

    William Smith

    This takes the anxiety of when to buff off from “flash times.” I purchased the prep and ceramic bottle bundle, and the process was extremely easy, leaving a deep and glossy shine. I saw the ad on social media and decided to give them a chance, I’m glad I did! I’ll definitely be using their products for a long time.

    Jane Sy

    I was skeptical when I first saw the ad for the ceramic coating, I purchased a bottle and tried it and I was amazed by the results! I almost purchased a tiny bottle from another company for over $150 I am glad I came across this before I did! Yes I use proje products on my nissan skyline r32!!

    Jack Bailey

    This stuff is amazing. I’ve tried a few other sio2 coating and of course butter wax and things. But this stuff blows them all away! Awesome shine. Awesome hydrophobic properties. Nothing wants to stick to my truck now. Just wash away with water! Awesome product! I’m satisfied.