Detailing Kits

Ready to take your newly clean car to the next level? Want even more shine? Add a glossy layer to make your paint shine like a mirror! Our kits are designed to give you the ultimate shine and protectant!

Ceramic Coating Kit
12-Month Ceramic Sealant & Surface Prep Spray
Vital Wash Soap & DryPro Towels
Ceramic Soap & DryPro Towels
Throwback Clay Lube & Clay Mitt
Car Wash Kit for Ceramic Coating
Wheel Cleaning Kit
Best Seller
Ceramic Coating - Premium Kit
Best Deal
Ceramic Platinum Kit
Wheel & Tire Detailing Kit
Redline Wheel & Tire Detailing Kit
Foam Blaster Kit
Car Wash Kit
Complete Clay Kit
Car Wash Bucket Kit
Reset Process Kit
Reset Process - Complete Kit
SiO2 Quick Coat - Starter Kit
Interior Upholstery Cleaner Kit
Interior Leather Cleaner Kit
OG Wash Kit
Wash & Shine Duo Kit
Ceramic Premium Kit


Treat your car like the treasure
she is with Proje Ceramic Coating.