Decon Iron Remover & Cleaner - 16oz
Decon Iron Remover & Cleaner - 16oz
Decon Iron Remover & Cleaner - 16oz
Decon Iron Remover & Cleaner - 16oz
Decon Iron Remover & Cleaner - 16oz
Decon Iron Remover & Cleaner - 16oz
Decon Iron Remover & Cleaner - 16oz

Decon Iron Remover & Cleaner - 16oz

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Iron Decon – Removing even the toughest iron and metallic contamination

pH-balanced – The balanced formula makes it safe for all wheels, paints, metals, chrome, and glass
Color-based –
Liquid changes color once the process is complete, leaving you to just rinse
Reactive –
Reacts with iron to neutralize bonds and release tough deposits

Iron Decon is a specially targeted, pH-neutral solution that gets rid of embedded and bonded iron build-ups from brake dust. It works on both visible and invisible deposit build-ups, letting you know when it’s finished working by changing color. This allows for more effective decontamination, ensuring that painted and metallic surfaces aren’t left to progressively corrode even after regular detailing services. 

Stops Corrosion Dead

The pH-neutral make-up of Proje’s Iron Decon ensures that any ongoing chemical reactions that might occur are completely neutralized. Ongoing corrosion simply isn’t an option! The chemical formula is well-balanced, meaning its use doesn't stop at wheels and iron build-ups. You can use Iron Decon on all painted surfaces to neutralize potential reactions with paintwork from a range of metallic elements. Iron Decon won’t strip paint and is safe to make contact with glass, meaning it can be used liberally and comfortably.

It’s easy to wash away what you can see, but it’s often what you can’t see that causes the real damage. Decon works through chemical reactions, meaning any minute corrosion is happening but isn’t visible to the human eye, is stopped and neutralized at the source. 

A Good First Impression

It is often the case that new cars are already contaminated with iron build-up, so Decon is an excellent go-to product for first use when you get hold of your brand-new vehicle. If your vehicle has a high-performance braking system, then even a test drive around a forecourt will have kicked up a certain amount of iron because of the force and the make-up of the brakes. Not only that, but if your car has been delivered to your area by freight train, then there is a possibility of contamination from the brakes on the train itself. Imagine the force of your car’s braking system multiplied hundreds and hundreds of times. When you get to that level of power, huge amounts of iron can be kicked up several feet into the air, and can easily lodge on cargo. So, why not make Decon top priority and get in there before any long-lasting damage can occur?

How to Use

Step 1

Before you apply Decon, make sure your car has been recently given a clean with an all-in-one external cleaning product like our Vital Car Wash Soap.

Step 2

Fully rinse the wheels so that excess, non-bonded dirt has been washed away. Now, mist Decon all over the wheels and rims.

Step 3

Wait around for a few minutes until the all-important color change. This is your signal that Decon has done its job and all the iron has separated from your wheels. 

Step 4

Now’s the time to act! Make sure you don’t let Decon dry on your wheels as you don’t want it to stain – you’ll just have to go through the washing process again. Instead, as soon as the color change has happened, rinse it all away.

Step 5

The great news is that Decon can also be used on your paintwork! Take a look around your car, particularly towards the bottom for any tell-tale signs of iron build-up. Repeat steps 1-4 above.

Step 6

Now you’ve successfully removed all the iron build-ups on your paintwork and metals, carry on with waxing, sealing, and dressing. It’ll be easier now that you have a cleaned slate to work from!


Reviews on TrustPilot, Amazon, and Facebook

William Smith

This takes the anxiety of when to buff off from “flash times.” I purchased the prep and ceramic bottle bundle, and the process was extremely easy, leaving a deep and glossy shine. I saw the ad on social media and decided to give them a chance, I’m glad I did! I’ll definitely be using their products for a long time.

Jane Sy

I was skeptical when I first saw the ad for the ceramic coating, I purchased a bottle and tried it and I was amazed by the results! I almost purchased a tiny bottle from another company for over $150 I am glad I came across this before I did! Yes I use proje products on my nissan skyline r32!!

Jack Bailey

This stuff is amazing. I’ve tried a few other sio2 coating and of course butter wax and things. But this stuff blows them all away! Awesome shine. Awesome hydrophobic properties. Nothing wants to stick to my truck now. Just wash away with water! Awesome product! I’m satisfied.