Water Spot Remover
Water Spot Remover
Water Spot Remover
Water Spot Remover
Water Spot Remover

Water Spot Remover

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Key Features

Proje’s Water Spot Remover is specifically formulated to break down and remove the particles and mineral deposits left behind after water has evaporated on paint or glass. The fast acting spot remover easily and quickly removes those annoying spots. 

  • Easy to use formula
  • Safe to use on glass, metal , and paint
  • Fast acting formula works in seconds
  • Perfect for boats, RVs, motorcycles, cars and more
  • Quickly dissolves metal ions and silica scale which is commonly found in tap water

Proje is a proud US Manufacturer based in Los Angeles County California. With more than 25 years of car care manufacturing experience, our passion has always been on providing quality products that provide quality results and keeping vehicle surfaces healthy and clean. Make the Process easier and enjoyable with Proje. 

How To Use

How to spot remove bad water spots

Sometimes after using a homemade spot remover you can still have some water spots left. This is where a commercial heavy duty water spot remover will come in handy.

All spot removers have different ingredients but there are a lot of common elements. Usually, distilled water is the base, with mineral oil added as a lubricant. Other ingredients that are commonly included are solvents, absorbents, conditioners, and buffers.

Shouldn't be used on matte surface paint jobs unless it says that it will not damage those surfaces.


Step 1: Use quick detail spray - To get rid of any remaining dirt, apply some of the quick detail spray for a waterless wash solution.

Step 2: Apply product - Apply your chosen water spot remover on the affected area with a foam applicator or a microfiber applicator.

If you are using a gel remover, you might get some water spot gel residue that will need to be buffed out to remove.

Step 3: Rub it in - Rub in the spot remover with two or three passes to remove water stains.

Step 4: Clean the surface - Grab a dry and clean cloth and finish off the surface by rubbing off the compound.


How remove water spots from car windows

When you removing water spots from windows, you need to follow these notes and exemptions from standard procedures:


Apply your water spot removal to clean glass surface

Do NOT keep chemicals longer than 60 sec (1 minute) to avoid damage of glass

Wash out cleaning solution with big amount of water and dry with clean microfiber cloth

Repeat treatment several times until all water spots will be removed

Apply sealant or glass coating after treatment.

Preventing Water Spots

  • Never wash a car in direct sunlight and make sure the panel is cool to the touch before washing it.

  • If it's particularly warm out, wash one panel at a time to stop the water and shampoo from drying out on the paintwork.

  • Invest in a good drying towel or embrace technology with an electronic car dryer.

If you're feeling particularly fancy (or have the cash to burn) a powerful water deionizer plumbed into a pressure washer will provide mineral-free water but is rather expensive.

Key Features

  • QUICKLY & EASILY REMOVES HARD WATER SPOTS - Hard water spots are a chalky white residue that’s left behind after hard water evaporates on your paints, metal, and glass. The specially formulated mild acid works quickly to break down and eliminate stuck on water stains or hard water spots. 

  • PREPARES SURFACES FOR FUTURE PROTECTION -  Eliminates alkaline water spots, hard water minerals, silicones, waxes, oils, tar, sap, and road salt from glass. Water Spot Remover penetrates, neutralizes, and eliminates alkaline water spots and lifts them from the surface of your vehicle, leaving it clean and clear, ready for wax protection against future water spots.

  • WORKS ON PAINT, GLASS & METAL - The heavy duty hard water spot remover eliminates stubborn alkaline water stains from sprinkles, rain water, or other hard water sources. This hard water spot remover for car is safe to use on paint, metal, glass, and other exterior automotive surfaces, including gel and clear coats. Not suitable for anodized parts.

  • VERSATILE AND FAST ACTING - The water spot eliminator is very easy to use. Before applying, clean the bodywork with a quick detailer or waterless wash and dry the surface. Then apply directly onto a microfiber towel or applicator sponge and wipe the area affected with water spots or water stains.

  • NOT JUST FOR YOUR CAR - Not only is the Water Spot Remover  great to use on your cars hard surfaces, but is also great for in home use to eliminate hard water stains from glass shower doors, stainless steel faucets, and much more. 


The white-edged splotches called the water spots can drastically damage the look of a beautifully painted car. It can seem like these hard water stains can be easily removed by simply wiping away, but the minerals in the hard water stains wouldn't allow that. Luckily, we have formulated a product to permanently remove hard water spots and keep future spots from appearing. Proje’s Water Spot Remover provides professional strength and durability to break down and eliminate the mineral deposits left behind after hard water evaporates on your painted, glass, and metal surfaces. The heavy duty solution works fast to remove the annoying hard water spots to get your paint ready for a correction, wax, or coating. 

Reviews on TrustPilot, Amazon, and Facebook

William Smith

This takes the anxiety of when to buff off from “flash times.” I purchased the prep and ceramic bottle bundle, and the process was extremely easy, leaving a deep and glossy shine. I saw the ad on social media and decided to give them a chance, I’m glad I did! I’ll definitely be using their products for a long time.

Jane Sy

I was skeptical when I first saw the ad for the ceramic coating, I purchased a bottle and tried it and I was amazed by the results! I almost purchased a tiny bottle from another company for over $150 I am glad I came across this before I did! Yes I use proje products on my nissan skyline r32!!

Jack Bailey

This stuff is amazing. I’ve tried a few other sio2 coating and of course butter wax and things. But this stuff blows them all away! Awesome shine. Awesome hydrophobic properties. Nothing wants to stick to my truck now. Just wash away with water! Awesome product! I’m satisfied.