Wheels and Tires

Our professional wheel, rims, and tire cleaners are powerful, all-purpose, cleaner that gets it right the first time! Designed to break down all the toughest build-ups of dirt, brake dust and grease or contamination caused by the breakdown of surrounding metals at high temperatures.

Redline Wheel Cleaner - 16oz
Decon Iron Remover & Cleaner - 16oz
Gallon Tire Dressing
$43.00 - $199.99
Gallon Wheel Cleaner
$30.00 - $144.99
Wheel Cleaning Kit
Wheel & Tire Detailing Kit

Ceramic Waterless Wash
Quick Detailer

Coat losing its luster? Dirt, sun, and road grime damage and fade paint over time. Restore your car's appearance to showroom glory and protect against the elements longer with PROJE' Ceramic Waterless Wash!

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Treat your car like the treasure
she is with Proje Ceramic Coating.