Gallon All-In-One Cleaner
Gallon All-In-One Cleaner
Gallon All-In-One Cleaner
Gallon All-In-One Cleaner

Gallon All-In-One Cleaner

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All-in-one Cleaner – Cleans all materials, inside and out!

True Multi-purpose – Works on paintwork, wheels, glass, plastics and even upholstery and carpets
Safe – Tough enough to lift embedded grime off surfaces, but soft enough not to damage soft vinyl
Foaming– A surfactant-based foaming cleaner for the best results

Our all-in-one cleaner does exactly what it says on the label; it cleans everything. It’s heavy-duty enough to be used on the dirtiest carpets and on oxidized area on paintwork, without damaging either. It can be used for entire interior and exterior coverage, and is designed to focus on grease, grime, dirt, dust and tar, neutralizing any bacterial agents on contact and lifting contaminants off surfaces, allowing you to just rinse or wipe away, revealing excellent results.

Surfactant Science

Our cleaner is surfactant-based; it works by increasing surface tension between liquids and solids and acts as a wetting agent, meaning that it releases contaminants from contact with a car’s surfaces without the use of force or abrasion. Its gentle foaming stimulates a dirt-removing chemical reaction that makes the removal of dirt extremely easy, and is an ideal product for a full or quick cleaning service.

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