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Aquamarine SiO2 Spray Coating 8oz
Aquamarine SiO2 Spray Coating 8oz

Aquamarine SiO2 Spray Coating 8oz

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SiO2 nano coating will protect your vehicle surfaces from dust, dirt, grime, grease, pollen, fallout, bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap. They will not stick on coated area. Your vehicle will be looking clean for a longer period of time and won’t require as many washes as before.
Apply it in seconds. Easy as spray & wipe with non-solvent or non-resin based formula. Use it to maintain existing ceramic coated and waxed surfaces or add ceramic coating protection to any uncoated exterior surfaces. Ceramic boost your vehicle between washes, it will add extreme deep shine on paint, rims, plastics, exterior glass, headlights and chrome.

Step 1: Clean surface
Step 2: Spray Aquamarine SiO2 Coating on a cool to the touch surface away from direct sunlight.
Step 3: Wipe down the treated surface using a microfiber towel to a high shine.

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