Genesis Glass Cleaner 16oz

Genesis Glass Cleaner 16oz

Genesis Glass Cleaner 16oz


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Proje’s Ceramic Spray Coating.

Ceramic Spray Coating is the first consumer level spray ceramic coating that performs at the level you expect. Ceramic Spray Coating cures to your surface giving you instant hydrophobic protection that will impress anyone as soon as you pour water on your freshly cured coating. You will witness water falling right off, and completely circular water beads for anything that is left behind. What does this mean for you? This indicates that your surface is protected from harmful elements, that your paint would normally have to endure. No more worrying about oxidation, pollen, water spots, fallout or anything else. Not only that, you will also instantly notice rich color depth and a candy apple shine that takes your vehicle to a completely new level. Let’s just say. Game. Changed.

Instant Hydrophobic Properties

Ceramic Spray Coating provides for an instant WOW factor hydrophobic experience immediately after curing. Which indicates successful adhesion and powerful long lasting protection.

Brilliant High-Gloss Candy Apple Shine

Ceramic Spray Coating not only provides long lasting protection, it also coats your surface with an ultra-shiny candy apple glossy layers of ceramic coating, that gives your car a shine you have never seen before.

Rich Color Depth

Ceramic Spray Coating also fills in your surface’s imperfections, leaving you with ultra-rich color depth & unmatched clarity.

Long Lasting Protection

Ceramic Spray Coating bonds to your surface which creates a solid glass-like shield that protects from harmful elements such as water spots, pollen, bird poop, fallout, UVA, & UVB rays.


Finally... A consumer level Ceramic Coating that anyone can use! It’s very quick and easy to do. Just evenly apply, wait 1 - 2 minutes, and wipe away! No streaks, no mishaps! Fool proof system!

Genesis Glass Cleaner – Serious Shine for Serious Vehicles

  • Non-Toxic – Cleans your glass inside and out without any risk of breathing in harmful chemicals
  • Versatile – Safe for use on standard and tinted windows and mirror glass, as well as digital display screens
  • Streak-Free – Avoid streaky stains and swirls by using our robust and versatile formula

The Genesis Glass Cleaner is an ammonia free, streak free formula that will deliver crystal clear glass every time when paired with our specially-designed Diamond Window Towel. Safe on tinted windows, this versatile cleaner will also remove fingerprints, smudges and anything else life may throw at your glass. Use both inside and out for the best effects and for the kind of perfectly clear shine that you only see in the movies.

Complete Coverage

It can be extremely frustrating finding little fingerprints or smudges on your windows. If you have used our Vital Car Wash Soap or other products to create a perfect shine on the other areas of your vehicle, your eyes will be drawn to any imperfections on your glass. It is notoriously difficult to clean every inch of glass without either leaving smudges or streaks during the drying process. At Proje’, we have worked tirelessly to bring you a glass cleaner specially designed to rid you of these issues. Just like other Proje’ products, Genesis Glass Cleaner breaks down dirt as soon as it touches the surface, leaving you free to smoothly wipe your glass clean. Also, because it’s ammonia-free and contains no airborne chemicals, it’s safe to use on the enclosed space of your auto interior. The versatility of our class cleaner means that you can use it on windows, windscreens, interior and exterior mirrors, the clear surface of your dashboard and your in-built display screen, so that the clean, smudge-free shine appears all over your vehicle. Where standard window cleaners will leave streaks and could damage your window tint, Genesis Glass Cleaner is truly universal, so you can use it with confidence.

Safe for You – and Others

Our safe formula means that you can clean the interior of your car without worrying that you or your kids are breathing in harmful chemicals, but it’s not just your own safety we’ve taken in to consideration here at Proje’. By eliminating smudges, streaks and stains completely, you are ensuring that you have 100% visibility when you’re driving, meaning that you won’t miss any potential hazards that could be obscured by large smudges. Genesis Glass Cleaner doesn’t just look great; it’s also a display of safety-consciousness.

How to Use

Step 1 

Make sure you’re working out of direct sunlight so as to avoid any spotting. Spray Genesis Glass Cleaner directly on to the glass; two squirts per window should be enough to ensure complete coverage.



Step 2 

Fold the Diamond Window Towel in half, and wipe in a back and forth direction across the glass, ensuring that you cover the surface all the way to the corners. Make sure that the glass is completely dry before moving on the next section – refold the Diamond Window Towel and repeat if necessary.

Expert Tip

The best way to avoid any streaks, is to alternate the direction in which you wipe. For interior windows, wipe in a horizontal direction; for exterior windows, wipe in a vertical direction. This will ensure zero streaks.

Suggested Product Pairings

Diamond Window Towel

Our specially-designed weave towel makes the process of cleaning glass and mirrors smooth, quick and easy. Use the Diamond Window Towel to ensure that there are no streaks or swirls when you wipe your glass, so you don’t have to spend hours going over and over your work – it’s infuriating, but you can avoid it by purchasing this towel.

Genesis Glass Cleaner – Product Information

  • 16oz/473.2ml