Car Wash Bucket Kit
Car Wash Bucket Kit

Car Wash Bucket Kit

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What's In The Box?!

Prepare yourself for a ceramic coating kit with our Car Wash Bucket Kit which is comprised of the following items:

(1) 16oz. Vital Car Wash Soap

Vital Car Wash Soap is a unique blend that is designed to softly release dirt from the painted surface of your car while maximizing the protection that lies underneath. Its handpicked blend can be used in a traditional bucket or in a foam cannon that produces incredible suds. It was created to gently release dirt while maximizing protection. 

(1) Green Micro Fiber Wash Pad

The Green Micro Fiber Wash Pad is a premium, scratch-free, microfiber chenille wash mitt that is extremely gentle on paint, glass, and plastic trim. When paired with our Vital Car Wash Soap, the microfiber strands will help to remove stuck on dirt and contaminants without causing any swirl stains or scratches. 

(2) Grit Guards

The Proje Grit Guard fits most 3-5 gallon buckets and helps prevent scratches in your paintwork when washing your vehicle. The Grit Guard traps dirt that comes off your Wash Pad to makes sure it stays at the bottom of the bucket, so no dirt will be reintroduces to the wash solution. 

(2) 3.5 Gallon Wash Buckets

The right size for complete coverage of your vehicle, our plastic pails are tough and easy to move. You can place it on any surface and it fits our Bucket Grit Guards perfectly. Our 3.5 gallon pails are thick and extremely durable, so you can lift, drag, and place them with no problem. The shape is uniform, so they don't take up any unnecessary space in storage. 

Reviews on TrustPilot, Amazon, and Facebook

William Smith

This takes the anxiety of when to buff off from “flash times.” I purchased the prep and ceramic bottle bundle, and the process was extremely easy, leaving a deep and glossy shine. I saw the ad on social media and decided to give them a chance, I’m glad I did! I’ll definitely be using their products for a long time.

Jane Sy

I was skeptical when I first saw the ad for the ceramic coating, I purchased a bottle and tried it and I was amazed by the results! I almost purchased a tiny bottle from another company for over $150 I am glad I came across this before I did! Yes I use proje products on my nissan skyline r32!!

Jack Bailey

This stuff is amazing. I’ve tried a few other sio2 coating and of course butter wax and things. But this stuff blows them all away! Awesome shine. Awesome hydrophobic properties. Nothing wants to stick to my truck now. Just wash away with water! Awesome product! I’m satisfied.