Ceramic Coating - Starter Kit
Ceramic Coating - Starter Kit
Ceramic Coating - Starter Kit
Ceramic Coating - Starter Kit
Ceramic Coating - Starter Kit
Ceramic Coating - Starter Kit
Ceramic Coating - Starter Kit

Ceramic Coating - Starter Kit

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Enjoy your
ride with

It happens every time. Five minutes after leaving the car wash another vehicle splatters by, a cloud of dust blows through, or you end up behind a leaking big rig. Get the ultimate in car paint protection with ProjeCeramic Coating and enjoy the ride with confidence.


Begin with a clean car
and wash off any dirt

Step 1 Wash
Step 2 Prep


Start from zero. Ensure old
polish/wax is removed.


Simply apply, wait 2 minutes,
wipe, and turn heads.

Step 3 Coat


(2) Ceramic Spray Coating – Instant Hydrophobic Protection, Brilliant Depth & Shine

Ceramic Spray Coating is a premium, real deal product at a consumer level that gives the surface of your vehicle an incredible candy apple shine in just 1-2 minutes. Its ultra-hydrophobic properties not only produce incredible water beading, but also makes your car super easy to clean, saving you time and money in the long run. Stronger and slicker than any other sealant on the auto detailing market today, Ceramic Spray Coating will protect your surfaces from oxidation, pollen, water spots and more. It’s a game changer in the consumer market, and it’s unbelievable easy to use.


The secret to an effective coating? Hydrophobic properties. After leaving Ceramic Spray Coating on your vehicle surface for 1-2 minutes, it will have fully cured and you can wipe away knowing that you’re protected. The winning formula within our coating gives your car’s surface major hydrophobia – but that’s a good thing. Think that incredible music video shine, and those incredible circular beads that fall off your paintwork in super slow-mo. Well, it’s all attainable in just a few minutes with Ceramic Spray Coating!

Incredible Color

Not only does Ceramic Spray Coating protect, but it also restores color to imperfect areas of your bodywork. Minor scratches, fading, slight imperfections – all gone and restored to good as new, with just a few sprays.

Long Lasting Protection

SiO2 forms an extremely effective layer of protection from the elements, and our Ceramic Spray Coating is the best SiO2 spray out there. UVA and UVB rays won’t penetrate it, pollen can’t touch it, and dirt and dust just fall away like water. One application will last for up to 12 months, guaranteeing you insane value for money!

How to Use Ceramic Spray Coating

Step 1: Thoroughly wash and dry the surface before use; for even better results, clay the surface first to remove any contaminants ( for best results )

Step 2: Use a DA polisher to remove swirls, scratches and other imperfections where necessary. ( for best results )

Step 3: Prep the surface with a surface prep spray we recommend Proje’s Prep Spray to remove any lingering residue.

Step 4: Spray Ceramic Spray Coating directly on to a clean microfiber towel or one of our blue applicator pads. Apply evenly and ensure complete coverage of the area you are treating.

Step 5: While you can remove the Ceramic Spray Coating after as little as 25 seconds, we recommend that you leave it for 1 to 2 minutes. You can also repeat the process for added layers.

Step 6: Keep the surface dry and away from the elements where possible, for up to 2-3 hours after application. Don’t worry – you’re not in any danger; you’re just giving the coating every chance to do the best possible job. ( for best results. You can do your water test in as little as 20 minutes )

For best results, reapply a coat once a month as a top-up. It’s that simple! 

(3) Super Soft Edgeless Tagless Microfiber Towels 

Rated at a premium 480 GSM, making it the softest towel that Proje' offers. Ideal for wax and sealant residue removal, waterless washing and even traditional drying methods. The high GSM rating ensures that you will never introduce swirls or scratches to the paintwork when used correctly.

Available in 3-Pack Bundles.


5 stars

#1 Brilliant High-Gloss Candy Shine

Get a showroom look and protect
your car.

Ceramic Coating

Water Drops Repelled

Repel Water &
Other Fluids

Instant water-repellant properties cause Fluids to roll off upon contact.

Shining Car

Candy Shine

Leave an impression with brilliant contrast and rich color depth.

A hand cleaning  with a towel

Less Time

Dust and particulates are kept on the surface cutting vehicle wash time in half.

Shield with a check mark

Long Lasting

Ceramic Coating reduces scratches and specks shielding your finish from corrosion.