Inner Barrel Rim Brush
Inner Barrel Rim Brush

Inner Barrel Rim Brush

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The Barrel Brush is a big plush brush with one main use in mind, to clean the inner barrel of your rim. With is synthetic fibers and long handle it makes cleaning the hard to reach parts of your rim not only easy, but enjoyable again. Simply slide the barrel brush between the spokes of your rim to clean the barrels of any rim; painted, chrome, aluminum etc. Paired with the Redline Wheel Cleaner, this is a combo that you cannot live without. This has been said to be the best wheel cleaner around.

The inner barrels are the deepest parts of your wheels that you will need to reach for cleaning purposes. This isn’t purely about depth though; a thin but long brush will get inside the barrel with no problem, but then won’t cover the surface area you need to get a really thorough clean. You need a brush that’s large, long and wide, and our barrel brush is all of those in one! Its bristles are flexible and soft enough that you can push them between your spokes without any danger of scratching, but sturdy enough that they dislodge all the build up of oil, dirt and brake dust that sits deep within your barrels.

A clean barrel will provide a superb, pristine background that will really bring out the cleanliness of your wheels and rims after using our redline wheel cleaner and fusion tire dressing. Our barrel brush also has a plug handle, which is designed to protect your hand and knuckles when you’re digging deep. Hold the brush near the protective guard and you’ll be assured safety as you work the brush in and out of the barrel. We don’t just think about cleaning at Proje’ – it isn’t enjoyable if you get hurt, so all our products prioritize customer safety just as much as brilliant results!

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