Gallon Inspection Spray
Gallon Inspection Spray
Gallon Inspection Spray
Gallon Inspection Spray

Gallon Inspection Spray

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Inspection Spray – Solvent-based preparation for ceramic coatings

Powerful – Solvent base ensures thorough removal of all contaminants
Consistent –
Works on all levels of build-up, leaving a smooth surface that’s ready for coating
Quick – Spray is extremely easy to apply

Inspection Spray is the ideal solvent-based cleaner to use on painted surfaces prior to the application of a ceramic coating. Unlike an alcohol and water base, a solvent cleaner will guarantee the removal of all contaminants, meaning that a ceramic coating can be applied far more effectively, with no risk of ineffective adhesion.

Tough on all contaminants

Inspection Spray is particularly tough on grease and heavy contamination from oil and brake dust, so is widely-used particularly to ensure that the bottom of vehicles’ paintwork is free from contamination. Our spray is safe to use on all surfaces, and is an extremely quick part of the detailing process.

How to Use

Spray on and rinse off; product only needs a minute to work

Inspection Spray – Product Information

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