Gallon Interior Detailer
Gallon Interior Detailer
Gallon Interior Detailer
Gallon Interior Detailer

Gallon Interior Detailer

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Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner / Conditioner – The perfect final wipe-down for interior surfaces

Fast – Spray on and wipe; perfect for adding a final finish to the interior detailing process
Protective –
UV protection and a fresh, natural scent
Anti-static –
Specially-blended formula repels dust

Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner and Conditioner is ideal for the very end of an intensive detailing process, after all the other, more intensive aspects have been completed. Simply spray on and wipe over the surface to deliver a clean, fresh-smelling finish to plastic, vinyl, rubber, leather and glass. It delivers effective UV protection, ensuring no cracking, warping or fading, and contains a dust repellent formula that uses anti-static technology to keep surfaces clean and shiny for longer.


The great thing about anti-static technology is that it repels light as well as dust. This makes that final wipe down unbelievably quick and simple, but then dramatically extends the effectiveness of the spray – and the positive impact it has on customers. You can use this spray on virtually any interior surface with the same results, making it an extremely useful product for those finishing touches on a vehicle’s interior. And we’ve made sure that the scent that is left behind is light, fresh and natural, without a single hint of chemicals.

How to Use

Spray on, wipe off. It’s that simple!

Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner / Conditioner – Product Information