Pet Hair Brush
Pet Hair Brush
Pet Hair Brush

Pet Hair Brush

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Proje' Pet Hair Brush is simple the most effective way to remove stubborn pet hair that has weaved its way through the carpeting fibers. This is possible the most dreaded of jobs, as pet hair so easily becomes entangled, resulting in a carpet that doesn’t respond to vacuuming. This brush is incredibly effective at removing pet hair and other hair for three main reasons.

Our pet hair brush is also reusable, so you won’t need to replace it all the time as you would with a lint roller every time it loses its stick. Again, use in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner before and after, so that your pet hair brush only focuses on the problem areas. Work in one direction so that hair you have loosened isn’t then returned to where it was, and wash with warm water after use, so that all hair is removed from the brush in preparation for reuse.

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