Pressure Washer Foam Cannon
Pressure Washer Foam Cannon

Pressure Washer Foam Cannon

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There is no better way to get maximum suds than with the Proje' Pressure Washer Foam Cannon. Using a foam cannon is the safest way to wash your vehicle and avoid adding scratches and swirls. The Proje’ Pressure Washer Foam Cannon is a high-pressure cannon that will generate enough suds to cover your whole vehicle in one go!

This foam cannon will have your car looking like it’s been in a snowdrift, and this is great because every inch will be covered in fast-acting, pH neutral suds. The massive water reserve means that you can fit a whole 2oz. of Vital Car Wash Soap in with another 28 oz. of water, resulting in enough foam to cover your whole car without the need for a refill. Just unscrew, fill and reattach the container to your foam cannon unit and then watch the suds fly! It’s like your very own foam party, but you’ve invited your car!

Our pressure washer cannon uses air pressure to create maximum agitation for a professional, hands-free wash.

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