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Proje’s Ceramic Spray Coating.

Ceramic Spray Coating is the first consumer level spray ceramic coating that performs at the level you expect. Ceramic Spray Coating cures to your surface giving you instant hydrophobic protection that will impress anyone as soon as you pour water on your freshly cured coating. You will witness water falling right off, and completely circular water beads for anything that is left behind. What does this mean for you? This indicates that your surface is protected from harmful elements, that your paint would normally have to endure. No more worrying about oxidation, pollen, water spots, fallout or anything else. Not only that, you will also instantly notice rich color depth and a candy apple shine that takes your vehicle to a completely new level. Let’s just say. Game. Changed.

Instant Hydrophobic Properties

Ceramic Spray Coating provides for an instant WOW factor hydrophobic experience immediately after curing. Which indicates successful adhesion and powerful long lasting protection.

Brilliant High-Gloss Candy Apple Shine

Ceramic Spray Coating not only provides long lasting protection, it also coats your surface with an ultra-shiny candy apple glossy layers of ceramic coating, that gives your car a shine you have never seen before.

Rich Color Depth

Ceramic Spray Coating also fills in your surface’s imperfections, leaving you with ultra-rich color depth & unmatched clarity.

Long Lasting Protection

Ceramic Spray Coating bonds to your surface which creates a solid glass-like shield that protects from harmful elements such as water spots, pollen, bird poop, fallout, UVA, & UVB rays.


Finally... A consumer level Ceramic Coating that anyone can use! It’s very quick and easy to do. Just evenly apply, wait 1 - 2 minutes, and wipe away! No streaks, no mishaps! Fool proof system!

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The ONE box that comes with EVERYTHING you need to achieve a NEXT LEVEL wet glossy mirror finish for YOUR car.


1 16oz OLD SCHOOL PASTE WAX ($59.99 sold separately)

1 16oz RAPID QUICK WAX ($25.99 sold separately)

1 16oz SURGE QUICK DETAIL SPRAY ($17.99 sold separately)


1 16oz Iron Remover DECON ($16.99 sold separately)

1 16oz FUSION TIRE DRESSING ($12.99 sold separately)

1 16oz VITAL CAR WASH SOAP ($9.99 sold separately)

1 16oz GENESIS GLASS CLEANER ($9.99 sold separately)

3 RED MICROFIBER TOWELS ($13.99 sold separately)

1 BLACK MICROFIBER TOWEL ($6.49 sold separately)

2 APPLICATOR PADS ($4.99 sold separately)

1 TIRE DRESSING BRUSH ($7.99 sold separately)

1 SILK WINDOW TOWEL ($5.99 sold separately)

1 MICROFIBER WASH MITT ($7.99 sold separately)

1 DETAILING KIT BOX - Never contaminate your products and accessories with this sexy yet functional detailing kit box!



$230 value for $99!


Achieve a NEXT LEVEL glossy mirror finish with THIS ONE BOX! 

Now the only question left is... How many do you want?