Gallon Quick Wax
Gallon Quick Wax
Gallon Quick Wax
Gallon Quick Wax

Gallon Quick Wax

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Express Wax – Relentless Water Beading and Sheeting Protection

Rapid Quick Wax utilizes advanced hydrophobic polymer technology to provide relentless water beading and water sheeting protection that lasts for weeks and even months. It will not stain plastic trim and is completely safe on all painted and non-painted surfaces.

Need for Speed

Rapid Quick Wax provides exceptional coverage and a thin but complete seal across vehicles that buffs in to that classic wax shine and protects from water beading as effectively as heavy-duty paste wax, but for a fraction of the time and cost.

How to Use

No applicator required – mist directly onto paintwork. Shine immediately; product is quick-drying.

Rapid Quick Wax – Product Information

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