Gallon Restore Gel
Gallon Restore Gel
Gallon Restore Gel
Gallon Restore Gel

Gallon Restore Gel

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Restoration Gel – Restoring and Protecting Trim

Alpha Trim Gel is a premium dressing that restores and protects faded trim, as well as protecting from future fading by filling the plastic with special polymers that soak into the trim and protects it from harmful rays. Alpha Trim Gel is extremely easy to use and will not wash off even after multiple washes.

Tires and Trim – a Perfect Match

The dressing is long-lasting so doesn’t require multiple applications or a large coverage. Its dual action means that it not only restores, but protects against future fading

The Perfect Formula

The Alpha Trim Gel is thick to avoid drips during application. It is quick-drying, producing immediate results and ensuring that there are no streaks or smudges on the trim. The results are long-lasting, so trim will stay glossy and be protected from fading. Even better, our gel is water-repellent to ensure a longer-lasting seal.

How to Use

A small circle will provide widespread coverage – ensure that tires are dry before use. Designed for use with an applicator.

Alpha Trim Gel Premium Dressing – Product Information

Protect your Ride

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