Rim Cleaning Brush
Rim Cleaning Brush

Rim Cleaning Brush

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The Rim Cleaning Brush is tough on dirt and grime, yet gentle on painted, chrome, powder coated, and polished wheels. Featuring an extra-long handle, angled head, made from durable plastic that is scratch and abrasion resistant, and will not damage wheel finishes if accidentally rubbed on the surface.


For cleaning around the surface of your wheels, the rim cleaning brush is idea. Its handle length means you can penetrate deep and at awkward angles, due to the head shape and design. As with the short handle brush, it is designed to be soft enough to make contact with polished and painted surfaces with no heart in mouth moments. This brush will easily navigate any OEM, custom or aftermarket wheels, as well as around calipers and behind spokes. You don’t need to use dirty old rags, and you don’t need to bend ad twist your own arm, making the process tiring and painful. As with our other brushes, this is specifically for the awkward angles, so you can get your quick, easy and painless clean.

Because of the typical build-up of oil and dirt around your rims and calipers, this brush is designed to be extremely effective at removing debris, brake dust and oil. Use this after a full wash or after cleaning your wheels for maximum effect and maximum satisfaction!

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