Gallon Sio2 Maintenance Spray
Gallon Sio2 Maintenance Spray
Gallon Sio2 Maintenance Spray
Gallon Sio2 Maintenance Spray

Gallon Sio2 Maintenance Spray

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Si02 Maintenance Spray – Light ceramic coating for effective, long-lasting protection

Silica-based – Ceramic coating is hydrophobic and extremely effective
Immediate Protection –
Forms a coating over painted surfaces, ensuring protection from contamination
Seriously Shiny –
Hydrophobic properties ensure a consistent shine with no streaks

Our SiO2 Maintenance Spray is the ideal speedy sealant for the end of a process. It forms an immediate bonded seal over the surface of a clean painted surface, ensuring a consistent, high-quality shine. Its hydrophobic, non-streaking formula has an instant effect and provides long-lasting protection against dirt and debris.

A Seal or a Spray?

The beauty of the SiO2 maintenance spray is that it has all the qualities of a spray – quick and extremely easy to use (ideal for any detailing setup), but as soon as it’s out of the bottle, it clings to the painted surface it comes into contact with, creating an effective, glossy seal. This makes it a true 2-in-1 product, yielding the quality results of a seal but working as a simple, spray-on solution. And its silica base means that it restores the gloss to faded surfaces, leaving a fantastic Hollywood shine.

How to Use

Spray directly on to target surface, or use an applicator / microfiber towel.

SiO2 Maintenance Spray – Product Information

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