Gallon Sio2 Wash
Gallon Sio2 Wash
Gallon Sio2 Wash
Gallon Sio2 Wash

Gallon Sio2 Wash

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Si02 Wash – Super-strong, effective base protection

Strong– Silicon Dioxide provides strong coating, protecting against corrosion
Versatile– Effective on coated and non-coated surfaces
Non-Toxic– Naturally occurring, transparent silica

An SiO2 wash leaves a super-clear, transparent “glass” coating on paintwork, giving a distinctive shine to bodywork, while simultaneously providing exceptional, long-lasting protection against corrosion, oxidisation, bacteria, debris and UV rays. When added to water, our SiO2 can be applied to the vehicle and used as with any standard car wash soap. It will lather and rinse off, meaning that this can act as a high-quality alternative or supplement to your standard washing process. As it’s entirely non-toxic and breathable, there are no extra safety requirements to take into consideration, but the car you’re working on will benefit from a shinier, longer-lasting protection.

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