Gallon Spray Dressing
Gallon Spray Dressing
Gallon Spray Dressing
Gallon Spray Dressing

Gallon Spray Dressing

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Spray Dressing – Restores and protects all types of interior surface

Durable – Long-lasting and resistant to humidity, UV and temperature changes
Restorative –
Brings back shine to older interior surfaces and prolongs it
Protective –
Delivers protection against grease and dust

Spray Dressing restores and delivers a classic satin shine to a range of interior surfaces, including dashboards, upholstery, bumper plastic, door panels and mirrors and engine covers – and is also effective on tires. The dressing doesn’t attract dust and delivers a smooth finish, rather than a slight stickiness that many other products are known for.

Long-lasting shine

Rather than an unnatural wet shine, our dressing restores a more classic shine, suitable for matte surfaces. As it delivers excellent protection from interior humidity, UV light damage and extreme temperatures, it is an excellent product both as conservation for older vehicles, and long-term restoration of older vehicles. And as an added bonus, it’s extremely effective on tires, as well as easy to use without fear of any slinging.

How to Use

Use Spray Dressing with an applicator for best results.

Spray Dressing – Product Information