Gallon Water Spot Remover
Gallon Water Spot Remover
Gallon Water Spot Remover
Gallon Water Spot Remover

Gallon Water Spot Remover

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Water Spot Remover – Easy, eco-friendly removal of hard minerals

Eco-Friendly – Non-toxic, natural ingredients
Non-abrasive – Neutralizes alkalinity in water
Easy- Effective formula that allows for easy removal

Water Spot Remover is a non-toxic, solvent-free, environmentally-friendly blend that has an acidic pH that naturally neutralizes the alkalinity in hard tap water. Once the neutralization has taken place in a few seconds, the minerals that were previously able to bond with paintwork and potentially cause harmful abrasion can be easily removed without any abrasive work.

Water spots can be a pain to remove at the end of a full detailing service, as abrasion can leave parts of a vehicle re-sealing and buffing. But with Proje’s Water Spot Remover, the need for abrasion is taken away, meaning you can remove any water spots at the end of the process and not then need to revisit other detailing aspects, thus saving valuable time.

How to Use

Spray on, wipe off and rinse – a process that takes a matter of seconds.

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