Gallon Waterless Wash
Gallon Waterless Wash
Gallon Waterless Wash
Gallon Waterless Wash

Gallon Waterless Wash

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Waterless Wash – Eco-friendly, versatile shine

Versatile– Use on painted, glass, clear and plastic surfaces as well as trims, exhausts, doors etc.
Eco-Friendly– Chemical-free formula, no water wastage
Multi-purpose– Washes and enhances shine

Quick Solution

Waterless wash cleans and shines without swirls or scratches, and is specially designed to enhance existing gloss while forming a protective layer, which is UV-resistant and lubricating for extra shine. Being waterless comes with its own eco-friendly badge and is extremely beneficial in hot areas, especially during summer.  As it is safe for use on all surfaces, it is also a convenient, all-purpose cleaner which acts as an ideal follow-up to a wax or sealant service.


The formula within our Waterless Wash blend with existing gloss to bring out a brighter shine and get back that desirable “wet look”.

How to Use

Spray on / wipe off – no water required.

Waterless Wash – Product Information

Protect your Ride

Treat your car like the treasure
she is with Proje Ceramic Coating.

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