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Alkaline wheel cleaner – Safe, Versatile and extremely Powerful

  • pH neutral– safe for all alloys, rims and wheel nuts as well as chrome, metal and paint
  • No scrubbingnecessary – avoid any unwanted friction
  • Powerful –Guaranteed to break down all brake dust and heavy grease

Redline wheel cleaner is a powerful all-purpose, pH neutral cleaner that gets right in to wheel wells to break down all the toughest build-ups of dirt, brake dust and grease or contamination caused by the breakdown of surrounding metals at high temperatures.

When the going gets tough – Redline gets going

Redline wheel cleaner is extremely tough on embedded debris and particles, breaking down the worst of the build-up in the toughest areas to reach – the undercarriage, the brake parts and the wheel wells. The active ingredients in the cleaner neutralize any acidic presence, allowing for a smooth wipe clean and an end to any danger of long-lasting damage.

Performance to Match Performance

Redline wheel cleaner makes the wheel cleaning process much more convenient for professional detailing services. This means that you can easily reach in to the most inaccessible of areas and rid your undercarriage of any growing problems without breaking a sweat.

How to Use

Apply redline wheel cleaner to the desired area, completely saturating. Use a 5:1 product to water ratio.

Redline Wheel Cleaner – Product Information

  • 1 gallon / 4.54 liters