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Bars, sprays, towels – they’ve been the kit of the experienced detailer for years and for sure, they get great results. When you think clay, you think a bar like the Proje’ Traditional Clay Bars. And when you think about washing and cleaning, it’s all about the trusty microfiber towels, right?

But here’s the thing – there’s an alternative.

Why Choose Mitts?

Wearing a mitt offers you a couple of advantages. First, the thing you’re wearing stays in contact with your hand and even envelopes it, guaranteeing smooth coverage as you touch the surface you’re working on. Second, on a surface that isn’t entirely flat, you get that extra feel of those contours and the mitt you’r wearing reacts to your hand shape. This helps with even pressure and coverage, as well as being reassuring that you’re doing it right – and not doing any damage.

There are two instances in which you’ll find using a mitt gives you confidence and control without compromising on results: Claying and Washing your car. Let’s take a look…

The Wash Mitt

The Green Micro Fiber Wash Pad is a premium, scratch-free, microfiber chenille wash mitt that is extremely gentle on paint, glass and plastic trim. When paired with the Vital Car Wash Shampoo, the microfiber strands will help to remove stuck on dirt and contaminants without causing any swirl stains or scratches.

Chenille comes from the French word for “caterpillar” and you’ll see that our shaggy microfiber strands are green and thick, just like caterpillars. The soft fibers are plaited together to make them extra thick and absorbent, so you can expect your mitt to hold an enormous amount of water. One wipe should be enough to cover large surfaces, making this perfect for the bodywork washing process while also ensuring that no scratches or swirls are left on your vehicle. The green color also highlights dirt and grime, allowing you to really target tough areas and get your car looking beautiful all over. This is a big, shaggy mitt that you can get a real handful of it and wipe any flat or contoured surface. It’s incredibly satisfying using this mitt – it’s so plush, soft and absorbent that your enjoyment levels are really maxed out!

So, by using this mitt you get:

  • Extra absorbance

  • Extra softness

  • Extra control

  • Extra fun!

Of course, you’ll still be using one of our Ultimate Drying Towels to dry everything after you’re done, so don't think of our wash mitt as a total replacement for towels – think of it as a teammate.

The Clay Mitt

A good clay bar like the Proje’ Traditional Clay Bar will remove all roughness and dirt extremely easily with just a couple of passes, leaving your paintwork feel as smooth as crystal. Contaminants such as debris, dirt, brake dust and droppings embed themselves in your paintwork over time, which can eventually lead to oxidization issues – the dreaded rust. A clay bar is the perfect way to remove absolutely all these contaminants, leaving a perfectly smooth surface to work on for your future processes. Think of it like an exfoliator, but for your car. All the dirt that has collected on your bodywork is literally sucked out by a clay bar, and ours also has some flexibility so that it stays flat against your car even when claying over a curve.

This is all well and good. Clay bars have been used for years and they’re extremely effective. But here are a few drawbacks:

  1. If you drop a clay bar, it’s ruined.

  2. If you don’t keep it well-lubricated, you could damage your paintwork.

  3. You don’t get much feel– you need to go back and touch the paintwork, often through a plastic bag, to check if it feels smooth afterwards.

None of this is true with a clay mitt. A clay mitt is literally like a mitten; it fits directly over your hand, so you can move around flexibly and keep the mitt flat to the car surface. It also gives you that extra feel; you can tell when you’ve finished one area because the area will feel smoother to the touch and pass from within the glove! It’s also much quicker because you’re not moving the mitt so slowly due to the drag that is created on the traditional bar.

You can also accidentally drop the mitt and the fact that the clay mitt works using a rubber design means it won’t be ruined by coming in to contact with the ground. This mitt offers an introduction to lubing and wiping without the concern that you might stick to the paintwork of your car. So, if you’re short on time, new to claying, or you just want a longer-lasting product that you don’t have to be so careful with, check out our own Proje’ Clay Mitt. You won’t be disappointed!

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