Microfiber Towels and Accessories

Cleaning and maintaining you car isn't all about the chemicals. Of course, this is the base and is incredibly important. If you want to go the extra mile and get your car looking amazing, you need high-quality car cleaning accessories to match our premium products. We offer a wide variety of car cleaning accessories for you to, Enjoy the Process!

Ultimate Drying Towel - 25" x 36"
Green Microfiber Wash Mitt
Diamond Window Towel
Plush Red Microfiber Towels (Pack of 3)
Plush Blue Microfiber Towels (Pack of 3)
Plush Yellow Microfiber Towels (Pack of 3)
Plush Purple Microfiber Towels (Pack of 3)
Black Mamba Wheel & Trim Towel | 16"x16" 3-Pack
Waffle Weave Microfiber Window Towels (Pack of 3)
Plush Drying Microfiber Towels (Pack of 3)
Blue Applicator Pad (2-Pack)
Clay Mitt
Traditional Clay Bars (2-Pack)
Garden Hose Foam Cannon
Foam Cannon For Pressure Washer
NEW! 3 Pad Process - Medium Cut, Polishing, & Final ...
NEW! Final Finishing Pad
NEW! Medium Cutting Pad
NEW! Yellow Polishing Pad
WhitePRO Micro Fiber Towel | 16"x16" Pack of 3
Tire Dressing Short Handle Brush
Carpet and Upholstery Brush
Pet Hair Brush
Rim Cleaning Brush
Easy Reach Crevice Brush
Inner Barrel Rim Brush
3.5 Gal. Plastic Bucket
Bucket Grit Guard
Polishing Towel 400 GSM

Ceramic Waterless Wash
Quick Detailer

Coat losing its luster? Dirt, sun, and road grime damage and fade paint over time. Restore your car's appearance to showroom glory and protect against the elements longer with PROJE' Ceramic Waterless Wash!

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Treat your car like the treasure
she is with Proje Ceramic Coating.