Proje’ Accessories

Cleaning and maintaining your car isn’t all about the chemicals. Of course, these are the base, and are incredibly important. But if you want to go the extra mile and really get your car looking amazing, you need high-quality car cleaning accessories kit to match. Far too many people have become used to using accessories that were not specially designed for the purpose they are being used for, and this can create serious issues. Regular towels can cause scratches or simply fail to be absorbent enough, and a lack of appropriate lubrication can cause serious issues when you come to clay your car. It could even simply be that the product is less effective; a cloth instead of a specially designed towel on your glass will still wipe, but might leave swirls. A regular spray gun won’t generate as much dirt-busting lather as a foam cannon.

We have put the same amount of care and attention in to our car cleaning accessories kit as we have our chemicals. Each accessory is designed to specifically match a purpose and a process, which not only leaves you with the most effective, highest quality end result, but also saves time and effort, improving your levels of enjoyment.

Take a look at our range of accessories below, complete with the processes and chemicals they match to. We have three ranges of car cleaning accessories kit at Proje’; our towel range, our brush range and our cleaning range. Enjoy the process!