Welcome back to the Proje’ blog! These are strange times indeed, but we are keeping positive and looking forward to everything being back to normal. We hope you are all staying safe and trying your best to act responsibly and remain healthy.

If you’re practicing social distancing or you’re in self-isolation, you might be wondering how to fill your time. Ok, perhaps washing your car doesn’t seem in the first instance to be the most pressing thing on your agenda and of course, we all have other things on our minds. However, there is a really good reason to add your car to your list of chores – making your interior safe and free from the Coronavirus.

Fight that fat!

As has been widely reported in the media, the coronavirus, or Covid-19, is surrounded by a fat membrane. Breaking down that membrane dismantles the virus, rendering it unable to do its dirty work. And in this case, dirt is the work – or cleaning the dirt, anyway. You see, soap does the trick as well as anything else and a good scrub is great for creating a level of friction that will get rid of the virus if it is on a surface.

There have been various estimates as to how long Covid-19 can survive on a surface. It might not be long, but it equally might be long enough for you to transfer it from your hands to your steering wheel, dash, and even your paintwork or door handles. Sure, you’ll go into your house and wash your hands, but did you wash it from your car? Just 5-10 minutes will make sure that everything is squeaky clean.


Make no mistake – our Vital Car Wash Soap is the way to go. It Soap separates dirt from paintwork so that you can wipe it away easily, without any risk of scratching, and you can be sure that any fats, oil, grease etc. have gone. The suds and bubbles are formed as a result of a special pH neutral chemical reaction with water, which is tough on dirt and grease but will not damage any wax or sealant. Vital Car Wash Soap is a professional product designed not to leave any spots, swirls or streaks that a basic water solution can easily do. Its multi-purpose formula means that you can use it on all parts of your vehicle – not just the paintwork. Use on glass, plastic and other surfaces for the same, super-clean effect.


Don’t panic – just reach for Alpha Interior Cleaner & Leather Cleaner. This is a pH balanced formula that quickly and gently cleans all types of surfaces including leather, vinyl and plastic. It removes dirt, oil, and tough stains and grime. Alpha is a non-toxic cleaner that is made in small batches to ensure quality and effectiveness.

So, use Vital Car Wash Soap on your outdoor surfaces and pay close attention to the area around the top of the door and the door handle – the parts you touch the most. Similarly, with Alpha Interior Cleaner, focus on the steering wheel, the dash, your seat belt and its buckle, and parts of the seat your regularly touch. The bottom line is that just 5-10  minutes gets everything clean – and you get the added bonus of having a car that looks nicer too!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s blog – stay tuned for more tips and tricks next week. We’re going to feature more of our kits each month too, so keep an eye out for more great all-in-one deals and some incredible discounts!

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