Welcome back to the Proje’ blog! This week’s blog is all about topping up – those awkward moments when you want to do a little bit of touching up or restoring your SiO2 coat, but you don’t think you need to go so far as redoing the whole vehicle. After all, we should be able to just give things a quick buff once in a while, right?

Aquamarine SiO2 Spray Coating

While our SiO2 Quick Coat is great for when you want to apply a new coating to a clean surface, but without going through a fuller ceramic process, our Aquamarine SiO2 Spray Coating is perfect for touching up existing ceramic layers, without the need for an interim wash.

This product is a highly effective, premium SiO2 nano coating that will protect your vehicle surfaces from dust, dirt, grime, grease, pollen, fallout, bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap. A ceramic coat isn’t just hydrophobic – nothing sticks to it. So, once you’ve applied SiO2, you’ll find that your car stays pristine for longer as well as being protected from build-ups of debris and dirt that can lead to rust on your paintwork. Of course, even better is that your vehicle will therefore look clean for a longer period of time and won’t require as many washes as before.

How to Use Aquamarine SiO2 Spray Coating

You can apply our Aquamarine SiO2 Spray Coating in a matter of a few seconds. Like so many of our products at Proje’, it’s as easy as spray & wipe, and of course, it’s a pH neutral, solvent-free formula that’s completely safe on all surfaces. So, grab a microfiber towel, spray directly on to your paintwork, and then give it a good buff in the area you want to focus on. Of course, you can use it across your whole vehicle too to add ceramic coating protection to any uncoated exterior surface, but this product is really about touching up and maintaining your existing ceramic coated and waxed surfaces. When you use it in between washes, it will add an extreme, deep shine on paint, rims, plastics, exterior glass, headlights, and chrome. So, don’t be shy – give your whole vehicle a spray!

Key Features of Aquamarine SiO2 Spray Coating

As well as providing a superb ceramic coating and that classic shine, our Aquamarine SiO2 Spray Coating has a few stand-out, headline features to entice you:

  • No surface prep required – just spray straight onto your surfaces and get buffing. It’s that simple!

  • Instant ceramic protection – as soon as you’re done buffing, you’re good to go!

  • Extreme mirror-like high gloss reflection – That Hollywood look, right there in your home!

  • Effortless self-cleaning maintenance – Longer times in between washes with that dazzling shine for much longer.

  • Adds hydrophobic and UV protection – Protects against rust damage and warping as well as providing that sexy beading that you see in movies and showrooms

  • For treated and untreated exterior surfaces – Use as a standalone ceramic product on untreated surfaces, or as a touch-up product over an existing ceramic coating

What Does it Cost?

At Proje’, we never overcharge. We pride ourselves on making our products accessible, fun and above all, affordable. So, go check out our Aquamarine SiO2 Spray Coating for just $19.99 – you won’t be disappointed!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s blog – stay tuned for more tips and tricks next week. We’re going to feature more of our kits each month too, so keep an eye out for more great all-in-one deals and some incredible discounts!

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