Welcome back to the Proje’ blog! This week, we’re going to focus on one of our hottest deals at the moment: our Ceramic Essentials kit. For just $42.96, we’ll set you up with the two key products you need to get that amazing professional shine. It isn’t difficult – you don’t need to be a pro. Just order these products and follow our simple instructions, and you’ll get the benefit of the best ceramic coating for your car.

What’s in the box?

First things first. We need to talk about how you got your bodywork ready for a ceramic coat. Sure, you can just pop it right on, but you won’t get nearly the results that you’re looking for. Instead, make sure you’re working on a clean, dry car (check out our Vital Car Wash Soap to help you get the cleanest bodywork possible), then crack open the first bottle in the kit: our Prep Spray.

Use our Prep Spray to help you to put on a pristine, uniform protective coat by removing all old polish, wax and sealant from the surface of your car. Often, these spent leftovers can clog up the pores of your surface, which reduces the effectiveness of a new ceramic coat. In addition, small amounts of old polish or sealant can hide imperfections in your paintwork, such as small scratches or swirls which need addressing in order to get the maximum amount of protection. Proje’ Prep Spray ensures that everything is removed, so you can start again from zero.

Oh, and by the way, Prep Spray is super quick and easy to use! You can apply it directly to the surface of your vehicle. Simply spray, wait 30 seconds to a minute, then wipe away with a clean microfiber cloth. Don’t worry about applying too much pressure; the natural lubricant within Prep Spray ensures that there is no harmful friction.

Alright, we’re ready for the main event, so let’s take a quick look at our Ceramic Spray Coating

There’s no doubt about it: this is a premium, real deal product at a consumer level that gives the surface of your vehicle an incredible candy apple shine in just 1-2 minutes. Its ultra-hydrophobic properties not only produce incredible water beading, but also makes your car super easy to clean, saving you time and money in the long run. In less than the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee, our ceramic spray coating will have fully cured on your car and you’ll be able to wipe away, knowing you’re protected. Stronger and slicker than any other sealant on the auto detailing market today, Ceramic Spray Coating will protect your surfaces from oxidation, pollen, water spots and more. It’s a game changer in the consumer market, and it’s unbelievable easy to use.

To use it, first spray the 9H Spray Ceramic Coating on to a Blue Applicator Pad. Don’t worry too much about how much you spray – the key is to then apply the coating evenly, reapplying the spray to the pad when necessary. Each time you apply the coating to a section, leave it to cure for one minute. This is the coating attaching itself to the body of your vehicle. Then, get a clean microfiber towel and give the bodywork a really good buff. Remember to look out for those scratches and scrapes we highlighted with the Prep Spray and give these a really good extra buff to help the ceramic coating fill the holes and make your car’s surface super smooth again.

And remember, if you buy this kit right now, you get both bottles for an amazing $42.96 – it’s the price and the effectiveness combined that make this one of our best-selling kits!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s blog – stay tuned for more tips and tricks next week. We’re going to feature more of our kits each month too, so keep an eye out for more great all-in-one deals and some incredible discounts!

If you have any questions about any of the techniques or products that we’ve mentioned in this post, just add a comment below and we’ll post a reply! Remember that we stock only the best auto detailing supplies, so why not click some of the links in this blog post, or visit our products page to find out more? From all of us at Proje’, Enjoy the Process!