3.5 Gal. Plastic Bucket
3.5 Gal. Plastic Bucket

3.5 Gal. Plastic Bucket

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The ideal size for complete coverage of your vehicle, our plastic pails are tough and easy to move. You can place it on any surface and it fits our Bucket Grit Guards perfectly. Buckets become quite heavy when they’re filled with water. 3.5 gallons of water weighs just over 20kg, so you need a strong, thick bucket with a sturdy handle to avoid repeated sagging that will ultimately result in sudden breakage and wasting your cleaning solution. Our 3.5-gallon pails are thick and extremely durable, so you can lift, drag and place with no problems. The shape is uniform so that they don’t take up any unnecessary space in storage, and the capacity is perfect for covering an entire car when you’re enjoying our essential process.

Remember that you will need two buckets and two grit guards when cleaning your vehicle; one for the vital car wash soap solution, and one for the water you will use to rinse.

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