Welcome back to the Proje’ blog! Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve given you an overview of the processes you can get into if you want to get a really clean car, both inside and out. This week, we’d like to give you a bit more info about what makes us tick, the products we create, and what the benefits of using Proje’ for your auto detailing really are. So, strap yourselves in and let’s go on a little ride together!


Our number one philosophy at Proje’ is Enjoy the Process. We truly believe that auto detailing should be fun – otherwise what’s the point? You can get someone else to wash your car, it’ll look fine, and you needn’t think about it again.

But detailing is about something different. It’s all about detail (the clue’s in the name) – those little things that really make your car stand out and that really ensure you get the most out of it. Because of course, our products aren’t just aesthetic – check out our range of ceramic coatings, or our Redline Wheel Cleaner for just a few examples of how we work to help you extend the life of your vehicle.

Whether you’re generating super suds with our Vital Car Wash Soap, watching the colors change with Decon or Redline Wheel Cleaner, or you’re just marvelling at the smooth, slick feel of our ceramic coating, it’s all about fun. Happy people do better jobs – and we love hearing from our happy customers all over the States.


For a long time, detailing was wrapped up in mystery. It’s for the experts. If you don’t get it right, you’ll damage your vehicle (the latter was especially true for the claying process – read more about our clay to find out how outdated this is). At Proje’, we focus a lot of energy on making our products simple – and safe – to use. Instead of corrosive chemicals, we use pH neutral and even water-based formulas. And you’ll find that the usage guidelines we provide on our product pages are always super simple – spray, wipe, wait, rinse – that’s the most common way. And by even providing a clay mitt, the traditionally difficult process of claying is now totally accessible (and fun)!

Time saving

We all lead busy lives, and we know that this is often the reason for people not getting into detailing. They believe it is too time consuming and fiddly to really get into when time is tight. We get this, so we’ve created a couple of products that allow you to detail quickly when you don’t have much time. Our Rapid Quick Wax and SiO2 Quick Coat products are 5-to-10-minute jobs a piece and produce fantastic results, so if you don’t want to go through the full waxing or ceramic processes, these provide a great compromise without eating into your time.

Cost saving

And of course, finally we’ve got cost. We’ve seen some detailing products out there that are expensive. We don’t like the elitist way that the detailing industry has been run over the years – these processes should be for everyone. You’ll find our detailing products start from just $9.99 and each bottle contains up to a year or two’s worth of use. Our accessories don’t break the bank either and you’ll even find a range of kits that produce huge savings and are an out-of-the-box way to address specific processes. We’re all about inclusivity, and that means helping everyone get on board with detailing. Our price points mean this is possible.

Now, everyone can enjoy the process!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this week’s blog – stay tuned for more tips and tricks next week. We’re going to feature more of our kits each month too, so keep an eye out for more great all-in-one deals and some incredible discounts!

If you have any questions about any of the techniques or products that we’ve mentioned in this post, just add a comment below and we’ll post a reply! Remember that we stock only the best auto detailing supplies, so why not click some of the links in this blog post, or visit our products page to find out more!